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Search Engine Optimization

Taking your website to people who matter, a partnership with Minds Metricks is going to save you from the constant agony thinking if your business is doing good enough. Deploying the most effective SEO services in Dubai, we make sure that your business gets the much needed boost at the right time.

This is what we don’t believe in as one of the top seo companies in Dubai:

  • Cookie cutter strategy
  • Mind-numbing long useless reports
  • Massive and expensive advertising bills

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Organic Traffic - Increase


Bounce Rate - Decrease


Average Visit Duration - Increase


Pages Per Session - Increase

Quantifying our practices and analyzing the numbers, gives us a leeway in understanding what is working and what is not. This helps us to formulate strategies for your business and brings it on top!


Bringing together SEO, PPC and SEM under one campaign, we market your website and business in a way that gives you a head-start in every way possible and take a lead of your competitors. This helps you reach the right customer in the shortest time period.





No company would survive without a return on investment and quite frankly that is the only thing we want you to judge the performance of our company on. Not on our long client list, or us boasting that we work 24/7 and 365 days of the year or that we do not clock watch the lengthy working hours; but judge us on our performance only the grounds of the return on investment and the hard cash we will help you earn via an incessant list of clients.





Scared of long and complicated reports? Well, do not worry about our reporting services as a trusted SEO company in Dubai, we are unrivalled in this because we include in our reports what other companies have failed to incorporate and that is intelligent simplicity. Reports are supposed to make things clear and not complicated, thus our SEO consultants make reports that are as easy to understand regardless of whether the report is about website rankings, webmaster queries, conversions, revenue, website traffic or our goals for you in general.




We are marking this as the last point not because it is the least important to us, but because over time it has become our second nature to be adaptive and flexible according to the nature of your business for your business and for you!


SEO Services in Dubai

Well, you can relax as we are going to spare you guys with long sales waffle and jump straight to the list of things that we can do in order to make the existence of your website, smooth!

On-Page SEO

  • Content on the pages

    Good content is appreciated and linkable

  • Title Tag

    Second most important factor for on page SEO

  • URL structure management

    Ensures good hierarchy for the robots

  • Image alt text

    So the robots do not miss out on the images


Off page SEO

  • Community Creation in Social Networking Sites

    Creating a following for your business and thus starting automatic campaign

  • Blogging

    Sharing authentic information to earn loyalty and the accolade of authenticity

  • Forum Postings

    Start a discussion about your company and helping out people

  • Search Engine submissions

    Be a part of the ranking mechanism of major search engines


Daunting? Do not worry. A simple call with us will explain everything to you in a more clear fashion than spending hours and hours in research on internet.

Website Analysis

We are a performance oriented SEO company in Dubai and our strategies are formed on the basis of facts which we derive from a free SEO audit of your website. The output of this data shall be shared with you in a clear and easy format. Based on this data, we will give you our inputs and then it’s up to you: whether you want to take up the challenge of Search Engine Optimization yourself, or do you want a credible SEO company in your corner.


Want to see what best we can do for you !

Fill out the details and we will get back to you within 4 hours.

Please, let us know any particular things to check and the best time to contact you by phone (if provided).


SEO helps in promoting online businesses and fetches targeted traffic for the website. Using various data and tools, SEO activities add all those components in the website that help it rank higher in the search results. A good SEO company in Dubai will help you fetch better traffic, boost your business and make your website rank higher in a more effective manner. Without an SEO, it gets very difficult to get high search results.
Search Engine Optimization helps you fetch organic and genuine traffic for your business which in turn results into a sale. The leads generated are related to your business so it helps you to earn a better return on Investment. An SEO agency in Dubai, like ours, will help boost your business.
SEO involves a lot of activities and a frequency needs to be maintained with white hat SEO take time to rank your website and the effects are long lasting. Once the search engine starts trusting your website, the ranking will improve and your website will get consistent higher traffic. The traffic increases gradually and as you grow, the competition increases. Higher the traffic and ranking, better will be your profits.

White Hat SEO; are basically the standard practices for SEO activities which are in sync with the search engine’s algorithms. White Hat SEO is the ethical way of ranking the website and generating traffic for it.

Black Hat SEO; refer to all the unethical tactics like keyword stuffing, content written in the background’s colour and so on. These tactics were used to fool the search engines but now-a-days, it only leads to the website ban. This ban is not removed easily and can cost a lot to the running business. We, at Minds Metricks, are a reputed SEO company in Dubai and don’t follow Black Hat SEO.

Keywords or phrases is what the user types in the search box of a search engine. Our SEO experts analyse
the keywords and work around those for on-page and off-page optimization. SEO geeks zero down on few high ranking
keywords and rank your website to generate the desired traffic from those relevant keywords. The keyword analysis involves
a research for your business related keywords and also a good knowledge of what your business is all about and the services you offer.
SEO is a long-term activity, which requires regular involvement(Off page). We keep working on the project and keep analysing the results.
Our SEO experts in Dubai work to strengthen the website and also analyse the competitors. Strategies are formulated accordingly so that you stay ahead of your competitors almost in every possible situation.
Yes. We can set up and run your Google AdWords accounts as on the basis of the brief and budget indication, we can present the estimates on what you can expect from paid activity.
It is not particularly necessary to meet. We work with clients all over the world and have garnered a good experience. We can interact through Skype, Emails and Phone Calls.