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#1 Web Design & Development Company in Dubai, UAE.

Minds Metricks is a premium web design company in Dubai connecting brands with its consumers through compelling web designs, E-commerce websites, Mobile applications and result oriented digital marketing campaigns.

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What we do

Offering creative websites, ROI focussed SEO campaigns with 360 degree digital consultancy.

We, at Minds Metricks, a premium web design agency in Dubai, help businesses reach their users through compelling websites that drives engagement and generate more leads.



Our portfolio comprises of 380+ website projects launched till date in Dubai!


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Know more about our web development services

Minds Metricks is a team of web experts offering a full range of custom website solutions in Dubai and across the UAE.

We have an impressive portfolio of over 380+ successfully delivered custom websites in Dubai. We maintain strict quality control and assurance measure, upholding our legacy of creating compelling sites that stun audiences through incredible designs and effective conveyance of the exact message intended . Having helped develop websites across several verticals, not just limited to Real Estate, Education, Tourism, Hospitality, Architecture and Interior Design.

At Minds Metricks, we accommodate everyone whether experienced or new to the web design. We go an extra mile to not only educate the inexperienced client along the way but also manage them and help them market their website among other post design and development services.

At Minds Metricks, we develop all types of websites. We can design and create any website you may need or want. Our design and development team have the experience, knowledge and is equipped with essential tools to design and build any website from scratch may it be B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C, B2G and many more. Each of our experts specializes in a specific aspect of website process and all our experts including the UI/UX designers play in sync with the brief to create a web property that is a real online identity of your brand. Our strategy team can also help you with content creation and digital marketing among others. We also engage our clients from the first step of designing to the last step of launching the website to ensure they get what they wanted at no compromise.

Time and again we have been unfairly judged to be expensive than other Dubai Web design companies which is not true. Here are reasons, why we are easily mistaken to be costly:-

  • We have no hidden cost – ourquotations are all conclusive with no last moment surprises.
  • We design and develop everything from scratch – by all standards, everything custom-made is more expensive. We do not templatize.
  • We build comprehensive, compelling yet sophisticated designs that really maintains the brand value throughout the site.
  • Fairly comparing our visual designs & UI/UX alone with our competitors, you may realize that we are not expensive but a value proposition because our outcome is superior in terms of product quality and functionality.
  • We also offer value added services to our clients during the pre-design(consultation on the sitemap and wireframe) and post-design anddevelopment.

At Minds Metricks, we design and develop websites precisely the way our clients want them and functioning as needed if not better. Our development team is up to the task to grant nearly all our client's website wishes. They are equipped to develop different types of websites and web apps on different platforms. We have web development specialists for modern-day Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, specialist in Open framework (Laravel & Codeigniter), E-commerce platforms specialist (Magento, Opencart & Shopify) and ASP.NET professionals among other platforms experts.

For clients who need customization of their websites to their taste, our web developers have all that is required to make any website customization needed regardless the platform.

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Minds Metricks has been in building websites for over a decade, long enough time to know our way around designing and development of different websites. We have evaluated and determined that it takes us from 2 to 4 weeks to design and develop a custom website from scratch – time taken depends on several factors or a combination of factors that include but not limited to:

  • The complexity of the design
  • Testing and validation
  • Total number of web pages required
  • Type of backend functionality
  • Third-party plugins/software needed to be integrated

For clients, who insist on choosing a niche based template instead of developing everything from scratch, the time and budget are much less. However, At Minds Metricks, we don’t compromise on quality regardless of how long a website takes to be completed.

As we say no project is too big or too small for us, we not only build new websites but also revamp or upgrade existing sites. If for any reason you need to revamp your existing website, our team is endowed with experts in the area of design and majority of development platforms and various other coding languages used in site development such as HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP ready to handle nearly any website upgrade/revamp.

To ensure persistent quality, we follow our own set step-by-step strategic website building process that entails.

  • 1. Wire Framing UI & UX - Phase I
    This stage involves seating with our client, getting their brief, helping them expound their idea to understand what he/she needs and finally drawing a low fidelity sketch referred to as the wireframe in website design.
  • 2. Front End Development - Phase II
    The second stage entails the design entering the development stage which is all about coding. The front end team set in to convert the design into HTML with the latest trends in the display and the animation world.
  • 3. Backend Development: Phase III
    After the development of the front end, the back end development follows. Back end developers work to integrate the best possible content management system, i.e. WordPress, Code Igniter, Open Cart and many more.
  • 4. Testing & Fine Tuning: Phase IV
    The testing phase entails subjecting the prototype developed to vigorous software and human test.

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