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Author : Minds Metricks

June 5, 2016

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Any brand or business could be divided into types on the basis of geography. First, the one where for the brand, its products and services and the target customers are non-dependent on the geography and the second one is specific to a geographical location. This difference has a very important ramification on the SEO campaigns that any business chooses to adopt. In the local SEO campaign, one could observe quick results and shifts thus the brand owners need to be ready at all times so as to change their strategy and plans. Thus, it goes without saying that there are many things that ought to be done differently in a local SEO plan. The SEO companies in Dubai are the biggest ambassadors of successful local SEO operations and are revered by SEO companies all over the world because of the wonders they have achieved with their unique campaigns for the local companies of Dubai. Taking an inspiration from them and other companies, here is a list of a couple of things that would help you a lot in your own personal local SEO campaign for a business of your choice:

Google My Business page

The Google My business is something that is not only in a way a mandatory thing for anybody who wishes to excel in local SEO rankings but something that would set up a strong foundation for the other plans to ensue. In the Google My Business page there are certain details that you should be careful with like descriptions, choosing the business categories, adding appropriate and correct contact details, good quantity of quality images and the reviews sections for the customers. The reviews are something which was mostly considered to be just an addendum but nowadays it has become the biggest testimonial to the quality of your work and is something that has the potential to attract a lot of customers. Hence, each and every component should be paid attention to and in a proper way.


The use of NAP details on your website needs a lot of prudence. This is because even though the websites email addresses and online shopping have reduced the importance of addresses and phone numbers still it helps in establishing credibility. One must display consistency in format and placement of Names, Addresses and the Phone numbers. Also, these three details otherwise known as NAP should be present on all the web pages of your website. The NAP information was mostly ignored up until recently because people thought that an email address would suffice the purpose. However, the SEO agencies of Dubai started using it appropriately and came out with outstanding results.


The reviews from local buyers have a very high impact on the search engine rankings of the web pages. Hence not only should you make separate sections for these and highlighting these but you should try to get as much of these as possible. Apart from the reviews on your website, Google reviews are also very important for multiple reasons. First being that whenever your brand name comes up in the search list that is the first thing the user will go through. Secondly, a good quantity of quality reviews can be a much bigger temptation than any meta description so any fault that you might have with a Meta description will get covered up with these reviews. Third but by far the most important, the more review you have the better will be your ranking and these reviews are one thing that have the biggest effect on rankings.

Inclusion of local factors

If you are trying to make it big in the local SEO world then the best form of links that you could use are the local ones. This is a basic one-page optimisation tactic but it is immensely successful. All you need to do to implement this is adding the name of your local city/region along with one or more than one relevant keyword on one page. Then in other pages you could use the names of your city with some other keywords. If done consistently and in a planned manner the results could be outstanding. These combinations of keywords and the names of your region could be done on the images too. In addition to this tactic you can also use links to other popular local websites. Now in a standard SEO operation the linking is done normally to extremely popular websites, however, in a local SEO campaign the local websites become extremely important. In addition to this you can also incorporate local citations in your web pages. There are many popular services that you can take use off, in order to get these highly prized citations. This is another factor that was highlighted by some of the best SEO companies and then later on the trend caught on with the rest of the world. Hence, try to incorporate some of these prime methods for successful results in local SEO campaign. If everything is done properly this will set up a good base for you to try and implement other methods of your choice. However, you must do a bit of a research on what your competitors are doing and then formulate your own strategy with consistency.

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