5 Powerful Design Strategies That You Aren’t Using

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Author : Minds Metricks

January 20, 2019

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Different designers apply different strategies in line with the clients’ requirement when building a website . Most of the design and branding strategies are needs specific but a good number of the strategies applies across as they are meant for general optimal functioning of a website. Unfortunately, many designs overlook some of these powerful design strategies. 

5 powerful design strategies that you may not be using include: 

Design Elements that Improve SEO 

The element of SEO is usually forgotten at the design stage and most designers leave it to the content creators. This is a mistake as several SEO parameters are rooted way deep into the design stage. SEO factors that re seen in SEO audits such as the page loading speed that is determined by elements such as the page size, graphics on the page, the transition between sections, the amount of CSS and JavaScript on the page and the content arrangement is a design stage SEO elements. The other element is the dynamism of websites, which although may be good, may also be detrimental to a website SEO website especially if it causes problems with crawling such as due to constantly changing URL that makes indexing difficult.  Thus its use must be carefully designed from the design stage to avoid any negative effects. All in all, putting and implementing design elements that improve SEO is a powerful design strategy that should not be overlooked.

Optimize your website from the design stage (Source: Miles Web)

Attractive Call to Action 

All to action is the other design strategy barely given the consideration it requires. Designers mostly leave the call for action to the text content which is less effective as compared to in-design elements such as buttons, animated elements, and mascots among others. Plan your call for actions at an early stage and incorporate them in the initial designs and development for better results.

Voice and Mobile-Friendly Design Strategy 

Use of voice search is the new wave in town and in 2018 it was widely adopted in not only web browsers and browsing gadgets with screens but also in gadgets such as audio devices without visual screens or typing keyboards that no one in the past would hardly dream they would ever be used to search for information. Currently, over 40% of adults use voice search at least once per day and by 2020 it is projected that over 50% of the searches will be voice search.  As a result, this has created a new need for voice-optimized websites and web content. Voice search is a design strategy worth considering at all cost.

Optimize your website for voice search (Source: Eight Million Stories)

In addition to voice search, users today are using diverse gadgets, not only computers to access websites. Among the most used gadgets are mobile phones accounting for over 52.2% of all website traffic in 2018. This new trend is forcing businesses to shift their focus from desktop only optimized websites to mobile responsive websites that are also optimized for mobile phones. As a result, mobile friendly is a powerful design strategy that should not be foregone.

Responsive web design (Source: Medium)

Simplicity & Minimalism

The era of complication is long gone and the era of simplicity and minimalism or design at its purest form is making a comeback and taking a central stage. Many websites designs are still yet to fathom the benefits of simplicity and minimalistic design and miss this powerful strategy. Simple and minimalistic websites are user-friendly due to their simplified interface. Also, since they don’t have most of the complex unnecessary features, they are light, needs less server space, are easy to scan and index and loads quicker than the complicated websites. Other advantages include easy to debug due to their simple code, quicker and cheaper to design and build These websites have also proven most efficient in passing text information as users have very little distraction from the core content.

Optimal Use of Animation

Effective use of animation technology in moderation is the other design strategies many websites are not using. According to biologists, the human eye is attracted to motion and thus animation comes in as a perfect tool for controlling human attention. Use of animation, though it should be in moderation to avoid slowing down the loading speed of a page comes in handy in different ways including:-

  • Distracting users – for example, the attractive page loading animations distract the users from noting the page loading time.  
  • Capturing attention – the intrigue added by animated elements such as the call-to-action, menu or simply animated content illustration highly captures the attention of the user.
An animated call-to-action (Source: Storyblocks)
  • Creating more space – animating elements such as the menu and the scrolling bar to only appear when hovered over creates more content space
  • Directing and giving instructions – animating instructions/direction to appear to appear on the content pages when the user seems stranded or hovers over the icons is becoming common. It is saving users time and agony of navigating to the instruction page to get the assistance they need. 
  • Smooth transition – the transition from one section or page to the other creates a smoother transition that is more enjoyable and adds to the site’s delightful design


Despite the customer/business needs dictating the designs strategies to adopt, there are numerous powerful website design strategies that cut across. A good number of the design strategies that cut across different websites are easily forgotten despite their powerful input to a page such as the SEO design strategies, voice optimization, website mobile responsiveness, call to action design, ease of use strategies and optimal use of animation. All these powerful design strategies contribute significantly to website’s optimal functioning and a good website designer and developer should never overlook them. 

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