5 Striking Web Design Best Picks for 2018

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Author : Minds Metricks

December 19, 2017

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Every web designer, young and old, looks forward to keep himself updated with the latest web design trends in the industry. It’s not just about the striking design, uniqueness and creativity play the long ball to deliver the perfect strike, such that your designs make an identity for themselves in the market. With the year 2017 making it big with the use of mobile technology, designs need to be revolutionized to fit the small screen. So, web development agencies recommend the use of user-friendly, clear, consistent, innovative, and adaptable designs. Keeping these parameters in mind, our experts have brought forth the following web design trends to look out for in 2018.

Drop Shadows and Depth

Yes, it is inspired by Apple, but no, it is not their signature style. Several artists are now using the pattern, which has been a staple to the web industry for a long time. However, the layout and appearance gets enhanced with the use of grids and parallax effect. Striking and deep, it gives the illusion of looking at a world beyond the screen.

Vibrant and Saturated colors

With HD screens becoming the part-and-parcel of our lives, emphasis is now laid on the hue and contrast. And what could be a better way to illustrate designs than use saturated colors with striking vibrancy. With this practice, headers no longer remain horizontal, but artists seem to reimagine it with slashes, hard angles, and other patterns, just to make the right impact. 

Particle Backgrounds

We like speed, but not all websites are able to load the heavy graphics. For those who wish to make their mark with creativity, but by saving internet resources, the particle backgrounds are the best. These are light-weight, Java Script based designs that are rendered on the regular background such that the viewer gets an illusion of animation. The result is an interactive website that speaks louder than words. 

Customized Illustrations

For those who believe that a picture speaks a thousand words, the customized illustrations are the best. These are simply great and versatile, and put on a playful and friendly appeal. Experienced artists and designers have been known to use illustrations to convey their messages subtly. These illustrations are the extension of their personality, and can be tailored to the brand theme. 

Go mobile

Well, it’s confirmed, mobile is the next big thing for paid promotions and organic traffic too. So, it is expected of you to invest in a sleek, smart, and striking mobile website that caters to all hand-held devices, while delivering the brand message. When it comes to mobile, use of solid colors, geometric shapes, and unique pictures is recommended. Screen size may be an issue for fine designs, but has that kept the artists from shying away from their creativity?   So these are the trends to watch out in 2018.

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