6 of these Google Chrome Extensions Will Make Your Work More Productive

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Author : Minds Metricks

September 15, 2016

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Google chrome has rapidly become one of the best browsers in the world and also one of the most popular favorites of the people. A few of the many reasons that have helped it become as popular as it is now are that it works at a very high speed,  the exceptional incognito window, better reception of different types of codes. However, the one thing that has really put Google chrome in a league of its own is the Google chrome extension. These extensions gave the web browser a new touch of excellence and also set the bar pretty high for other web browsers to reach. The modules of Google chromes are extremely robust and  their performance is also excellent as seldom would one find it breaking down. Not only you can find the chrome extension you want very easily but installing it and using it is also very simple. Many of the experts from Minds Metricks feel that “the Google chrome extensions can help you in a lot of many ways to simplify your work and increase your productivity to get the most out of your time”. So here is a little help from our side to tell you about some of the Google chrome extensions that you ought to use for increasing your productivity:

Awesome screenshot: Catch and Mark

Many times if you are in an online meeting or are viewing something that you need to somehow capture and keep for later referral, you find yourself struggling to look up the in-built screenshot tool of your system and more often than not when you actually find the tool and are ready to take the screenshot, that image or slide which you wanted to capture has moved on and changed. This could be exceptionally time wasting and also detrimental as you might have missed out on some very important piece of information. The Google chrome extension called awesome screenshot will help in relieving you of this last minute stumbling and fumbling to find the screenshot capturing tool. With the help of this tool you will never miss another image and in addition to this after taking the screenshot, you can quite easily annotate the screenshots too with the help of this fabulous extension. With this extension, you will also get an eraser tool which will help you to redact and edit sensitive information. Check out this video as a guide to learn the working  of this awesome extension.


Buffer: Stay connected to your favorite social media sites

Nowadays, from marketing to releasing new policies of your company to talking with your current and prospective customers can be made possible with the help of social media websites. Now it can be quite tantalizing for people to open all of the social media websites every time they need it. To relieve people of this hassle, the Google chrome extension called buffer could easily help you in sending out the most important of updates to different social media websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc. In addition to this, you can also schedule the time at which the updates shall be shared. After the updates have been shared you can track the updates so that you may know how effective the update was and what kind of responses did you get. Check out this awesome video on how to use the Buffer Extension(More Tips)

Defer(Formerly Instachrome): Keep it for later

On several occasions, you come across some articles or content that could be really important for you, however, you may not have the time to read it at that very moment. Many times it can become quite annoying to find the same article, especially because of the size of the web design world thereby leading to procrastination. Also, it can become boring to look up for the link in the web browser history. Hence to save you from all this trouble, there is another chrome extension called Defer that allows you to save the links to the WebPages of your interest for later reference. It also works with most of the other services providers like Instpaper, Pocket, Kippt and Buffer. This extension is extremely user-friendly and very easy to use as it can be customized quite easily and you can set custom fields and titles whenever you are saving a link and just check the webpage whenever you need it and get back to your work.

Dualless: A Great Tool of Multi-tasking

Even though Dualless is a very simple Google chrome extension, it can help you a lot when you want to multi-task by using two or more browsers windows side-by-side. With the help of this tool, rather than wasting time by trying to adjust browser windows adjacent to each other manually, you can do it quite easily with the help of Dualles chrome extension by a simple click. With the help of Dualles, you can set the alignment ratios too in the vertical and horizontal modes very easily. Contrary to many apprehensions it does not break down when there is more than one monitor in use. Check out this information rich video on how to use the Split Screen View: Dualless.


Flashblock Plus: Shield from annoying flash paper

Even though flash is on its way out, there are numerous websites that slow down the web browsers because of excessive animation and the intro videos. However, the Flashblock plus Google chrome extension will certainly act as a shield when it comes to blocking these flash players. This extension also gives options to selectively choose the flash players that you are interested in and might want to get a glimpse of, for example for some of the sites like Youtube.


Google dictionary by Google: Never miss out on the words

Not all of us have the largest vocabulary and even if you have a good vocabulary sooner or later you are bound to run into a word that you do not know the meaning of. It is not always possible to open a dictionary and check up a word, because of time constraints or other obvious reasons. However with the help of Google chrome’s dictionary extension, you can quite easily get the meaning of any word with a simple double-click on the word. Hence, now that you are aware of some of the best and most productive Google chrome extensions download these easy to use extensions and become more productive thereby increasing the output at decreased input. If you are curious to know about more of these Google chrome extensions. Here are some more extensions that will help you learn more on this topic.

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