6 Top Tools And Plugging That You Should Consider For WordPress

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Author : Minds Metricks

December 22, 2016

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WordPress has come a long way regarding its popularity, and this journey of success has been supported by myriads of tools and plugins that are offered by WordPress. Since WordPress is open source, numerous developers from all over the world have successfully made their contributions by creating different types of tools and plugins for almost all kinds of problems. The biggest SEO agencies rely heavily on these tools and plugins and are of the opinion that these help in solving the day to day problems that would otherwise have become big problems. Since most of the times, people do not have the knowledge on these tools they fail to use it, so here is the list of some of the best tools and plugins that you ought to use while working on WordPress:


backup buddy

BackupBuddy is probably the best plugin that one should start working with for two main reasons. First being that it is extremely easy to use and secondly it is very useful. It could be a lifesaver when it comes to migration and backup, as it allows you to store and keep all your data on the cloud during the migration process and at other times too thereby relieving you of the headache of the constant fear of loss of data. This feature can be an extremely helpful, as it takes a lot of time to build the perfect volume of data on the website and any loss of data might prove to be extremely detrimental and painful, so to save you from this trouble use the backupbuddy plugin.

Gravity forms

gravity form

Gravity form is another extremely easy to use the plugin that can be a lifesaver for many beginners. One often needs forms for surveys, questionnaires or just for interaction with the visitors, for their websites and adding these could prove to be a bit problematic. Gravity forms make the process extremely simple as with its help you can add almost any form, anywhere without any hassle. The several add-ons make the process of adding and filling the form all the easier.



Soliloquy is one of the best plugins for creating responsive sliders. More often than not the situation is that slider plugins, even though look good, are extremely detrimental for the SEO as they slow down the website thereby hampering the search engine rankings. The experts feel that almost everyone wants to have a responsive slider on their web pages, but the ones who do not have the idea about Soliloquy hesitate in using the sliders because of the fear of poor SEO rankings. Soliloquy helps in fast loading of the sliders and it also provides free versions so that people may try it on and then make a choice, so as to use it or not. Plus the icing on the cake is that it is extremely easy to use and hence rapidly becoming the favorite plugin.

Floating social bar

floating social media

Even though there are numerous plugins for social media on WordPress, most of them do more damage than good, and this is because if you happen to carelessly use any social media plugin then, your website will slow down and once again hamper your search engine rankings. However, the floating social bar is the exact antithesis of all this because not only does it help in easily adding the social media links but to some extent enhances the speed in this process thereby ensuring that if there were a race of speed among different webpage owners, you would stay on top.



WordPress offers a commenting system by default, and it works perfectly well if you have a smaller website with the fewer target audience and thus the fewer number of visitors. However, if you have a big website and a large number of visitors, then this default commenting system might become erratic. Hence you should take the help of one of the best plugins for commenting called Disqus, which is a third party commenting system. As the name suggests, it allows your visitors to make opinions and discuss and since it is a third-party system you can feel safe as these comments will not affect the server hence the speed will remain as it is and not drop with increasing number of comments. In addition to this, Disqus also comes with filters that will protect your pages against any spam. Thus it offers protection and performance. Hence there is no real downside to using it, and it could just as easily be brought in use for the smaller websites too, should there be a need for it.



Most businesses thrive on the concept of lead generation, hence the better the leads, the more profitable the business would become. Now before you say there is no such plugin that could generate leads, we would like to introduce you to Optinmonster which is, to put it in a nutshell, basically a lead generation plugin. Many big companies feel that it has helped them gather a lot of leads, thus perfectly cooperating with the SEO operations. With the help of this plugin, you can create extremely effective and enticing opting forms and also popup for the WordPress website and these forms will in turn help in converting the users into subscribers. In addition to this, it also gives many other features like targeting on page level basis, analytics, and split testing. Such plugins are widely brought in use by tons of companies; in fact, as of now, it would be difficult to find websites that are not using such forms. However, the thing that separates Optinmonster from other lead generation plugins is that it is easy to and its forms look authentic thereby encouraging the users to subscribe even more. The plugins mentioned in this list will boost up the performance of your website through WordPress, so no point procrastinating, go ahead and give these a chance.

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