8 Crucial Steps That Will Help you Build your Mobile App

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Author : Minds Metricks

November 15, 2018

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App development process is more of a cycle. It is continuous because the app needs regular upgrading in-line with the consumers’ feedback and new needs. The process is gradual and has to be approached systemically and tactfully to come up with an app that meets the desired objectives and expectations. The process entails:

App development cycle

Idea Conception

All mobile applications begin as ideas. Ideas are not just a crucial first step; their uniqueness will determine the success and performance of your app.  Ideas arise either from the client or from a business need and the developer expounds on the idea into a developable app. Mainly apps are developed to solve problems or meet needs/wants that arise from businesses. It may be needed for business transaction efficiency, the need for marketing or the simple need for entertainment. Consequently, businesses needs or consumer wants are key sources of ideas from which apps are developed.

Idea conceptualized

Designing the App

After conducting a far-reaching scrutiny of the idea, you should research widely regarding your idea before you undertake to design a model that helps you to pinpoint the most appropriate platform for further development. Client’s or company’s needs have to be borne in mind while designing the app. Mobile User Interface (UI)/Mobile User Experience design is crucial in the App Designing process and should be taken into consideration so as to optimize user experience.

It’s also crucial to define the specifics. Do you want to cater to iOS, Windows, Blackberry or Android phone users? Or do you seek a cross-platform app?

Designing the app

Developing the prototype

The development stage entails actualizing the concepts, styles, and functionalities of your app. Undertake to write the application’s code while at the same time setting up the back-end of the app by utilizing the most appropriate management tools to efficiently execute this stage. When it comes to the development type, if your choice was a single platform in the above question, then you should probably go native. If you chose all the platforms, then you should consider cross-platform and hybrid apps.

Developing the Prototype

Testing the prototype

Developing quality applications should be a top priority to optimize user experience and conversion. Therefore rigorous testing of your app should be done in a variety of real-world scenarios.

The right term used to describe this process is beta testing. It involves engaging several testers who use your app in real-world circumstance. Real-time user observation and testing helps to identify faults and bugs that need fixing. The feedback and analytics are also useful in gauging whether the app is functioning optimally. Alternatively you can use various software’s to test your app where you create automated tests for Performance testing, Loading testing, User Interface testing, Security testing, Links validation and Functional testing among others.

Rectification/modification of the app

After conducting an extensive and rigorous testing of your app, it is now time to undertake final adjustments and improvements on your prototype. This will enable you to correct any fault identified or modify the app to not only meet the desired result but also function optimally. It is also vital to continue testing the app during this stage and after the modifications to ensure the app is optimally functioning. After developers have are through with the modifications, it’s now time to publish the app.

Publishing and launching the app to the public

Publishing and launching the app is as crucial as the other stages and any mistake at this stage can interfere with the whole process. Every app distribution platform has its app publishing process and guidelines which you have to adhere to. The process time also varies from 2-3 days for platforms such as Google Play Store to more than 3 days for platforms such as the Apple App Store which individually reviews each and every app.

Publishing and Launching App


After publishing your app, you can proceed to launch and marketing the app. Launching ceremonies are examples of effective marketing tools being utilized by corporates and organizations. If you already have a website introducing the app on your website is also convenient to reach your existing clients rather than just publishing the app on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Invest in the market your app, specifically targeting mobile users to create more awareness.

There are two key crucial elements to observe when launching your app. Ensure that your web servers, which are crucial for data transmission, are properly configured for the proper functioning of the app and relaying of information. Second, ensure your app is well positioned or ranks well on the apps distribution platforms such as the Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. Consumers need to immediately find your app when they search for it or when re-direct to the platform and if possible they should see your app only. It is frustrating when you search for an app and you get several search result but you have to scroll down multiple times to get what you seek. If everything is done in the right way you should have a successful publishing and launching and the app should soon start attracting users. Successfully published app is readily available, easy to access, download and install.

Monitoring and evaluating the app performance

If you are about to breathe a sigh of relief thinking that this process is over, hold your breath, the process isn’t quite over yet. The process doesn’t simply end with the deployment of your app. You need to continuously monitor and evaluate the performance of the application. Conducting a thorough post-deployment evaluation and monitoring of your app’s performance in the real world will enable you to identify the improvements are needed.

Such updates may include measures to improve the app’s performance as well as providing additional features as demanded by users or for compatibility with new operating system releases. An exhaustive evaluation of the app’s analytics will provide you with valuable information on the demographics of your current user base as well as the manner in which they are using the app. Continuous monitoring is also necessary to identify any new issues that may occur such as crashes, bugs and any other technical flaws requiring fixing. Evaluating your app’s ratings and reviews on app stores is also essential in the app store management.

Upgrading the app in line with the new needs and consumer feedback

Seasonal app updates and upgrades are essential and inevitable. Monitoring the performance of your app, consumer feedback, and reviews, and keeping up with the new operating system releases directs one on the app upgrades to undertake.

You can never truly say that you have a complete and flawless app. There is always one thing or the other that needs improvement as well as new features that need to be brought on board to improve user’s experience. However, precaution should be taken to only upgrade an up when it is really necessary, too many app upgrades is a nuisance to the users and may prompt them to uninstall the app.


The concept of Mobile App Development is fairly simple and so far, you have a pretty good idea of what it entails. Basically, App Development refers to the process of designing and creating applications to run on mobile gadgets Apps not only improve efficiency in the delivery of services, but also bring significant improvement to different aspects of a business such as connection with its product consumers, and enhancement of employee’s productivity. Clearly, having a good understanding of what App Development entails and how the process is undertaken can greatly influence you into making informed choices regarding app development.

At Minds Metricks, we understand the need and importance of being well informed on the nitty-gritty of App Development. This is why we undertake to inform our clients on the A-Z about App Development before embarking on a project ensuring the client is well equipped to make informed decisions. At Minds Metricks, we share in your goals, visions, and expectations as well as guide you on every step of the way. In the end, our team of experts is able to come with an app that meets your needs and expectations and one worth your effort and expenses.

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