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Author : Minds Metricks

January 27, 2019

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LinkedIn is the biggest professional network with over 575 million professionals. Out of 5 members on LinkedIn, 4 members or approximately 80% of the LinkedIn users in one way or the other drives business decision making the platform the top B2B lead generator. The growth of LinkedIn as a marketing platform has been slow but steady and it is emerging the top B2B social media marketing platforms. As a result, many businesses are turning to LinkedIn in attempt to exploit the various marketing aspects including having a LinkedIn business page and promoting the page or the content including sponsoring content, sponsoring Inmail and running LinkedIn PPC or CPM desktop ads. In UAE,  LinkedIn is a big deal and UAE’s LinkedIn users are the most connected in the world with an average of 211 connections per person in 2017.

Top 5 most connected countries in 2017 (Source: LinkedIn)

However, not all campaigns are a success and many lack the glam to drive the desired result. Here are tips to excel in LinkedIn Marketing:-

  • Create your company profile, claim your unique LinkedIn URL, and optimize the page – creating a company profile page is the starting point in LinkedIn marketing. It is free to create a LinkedIn company profile but if possible make an annual payment for a premium account which can be a “Business”, a “ Business Plus” or an “ Executive”. Use your original company name to get a unique LinkedIn URL that is close to your website URL. Also, use the company log and image and choose a color similar to your brand/website to uphold your branding and design. When writing your company description optimize it not only for LinkedIn search but also for the search engines. Complete your profile by filling up all the needed information including the official website URL, company size, Industry, year founded, company type, etc.. Above all, always maintain your company profile updated.

The 3 Steps in creating a company page on LinkedIn

Step 1: Put your company name and your official website URL
Step 2: Input the details of  your company by selecting among the drop down 
Step 3: Upload the company logo, type a your tagline and verify then click “Create Page”

After your page is up and running you can now seek followers – the era of build it and they will come is long gone, you have to strive to grow your audience or else it will take you centuries to get the desired result. Start with the people closest to you such as family, friends, and employees as these are the best advocates for your brand. Then proceed to invite your loyal customers and key business partners. After you have exhausted your contacts, promote your business page in emails, blog posts, newsletters, etc. encouraging people to follow your page. You can also include a LinkedIn “Follow” button on your website encouraging your website visitors to follow you. Remember when sending out LinkedIn invites to use personalized notes.

  • Zero-in your target connections – LinkedIn offers one of the best targeting parameters in the digital advertising. Businesses can be able to zero-in to a very specific target audience, typically the population most likely to convert. For example, if you are a firm selling e-commerce software to small businesses in Dubai you can zero-in your campaigns to only be shown to business owners or executives of e-commerce businesses/companies with less than 100 employees in Dubai. 
Parameters of targeting audience on LinkedIn (Source: LinkedIn)
  • Post engaging resourceful content rich in visual graphics – Neil Patel pointed out that writing posts specifically for LinkedIn is one of the fastest ways to grow a brand and connections on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a platform for elites/professional, typically a population with reading habits but very choosy on what they read due to their busy schedule. As a result draft content that is more informative and educative which consumers are likely to pay attention to as compared to interruptive and promotional content that they discard. Visual graphics helps capture the attention of the visitor while the good content retains the reader. Aim at making your post go viral to acquire a LinkedIn spotlight in one of their category which opens doors to thousands of readers interested in the category.
  • Sponsor your best content – reach more people especially those who are not your followers on LinkedIn by sponsoring your best content. There are 3 options in LinkedIn paid promotions- sponsoring your content such as articles, text ads and sponsored targeted InMail. There are several essential tools that have been newly introduced on LinkedIn you can use when advertising such as “Matched Audiences” feature which works similar to retargeting ads.   
  • Join groups and be active in the groups – groups relevant to your target demographics may be a big driving force for your agenda. Groups are a convenient way of building relationships with potential clients as you can easily get contacts for  LinkedIn InMails. In addition, you will be able to listen to what your target market wants and be updated with the trends in your market sector. Occasionally groups also give participants an opportunity to interact or offer expert advice which you can also use to funnel traffic to your LinkedIn Business page or website. If possible you start your own groups.
  • Build Relationship with influencer – LinkedIn is the new home for social influencers with thousands of social influencer accounts. These influencers have thousands of followers and following the right influencer can help you create thousands of connections and get a good following.
An Influencer LinkedIn page with over 500 connections

An Influencer LinkedIn page with over 500 connections  

  • Grow the number of people on your marketing list – LinkedIn email marketing has one of the best B2B conversion rate and you should strive to grow your email marketing list. You can grow your lists by crafting personalized messages to your connections inviting them to be part of your email marketing list. Emphasize the value your email marketing adds to their business and if possible offer to not only market and sell to them but also to receive their marketing campaigns and probably buy their products. The platforms allow users to message up to 50 people at a time and you can target your invitation to reach a  good number of people in your connection.
  • Recommendation – recommendation on LinkedIn works more magic than reviews on other social media platforms. Seek not only to get recommendations but also to recommend others too. When you recommend another page the owners will first seek to know who you are and the value their businesses added to you and in most cases, they will also reciprocate you act and recommend your business too. Sometimes a recommendation may capture the eye of a visitor and he/she may click to see the page recommending a business and this way your recommendation may act as a funnel directing traffic to your page.


Succeeding on LinkedIn marketing is a matter of how well you pay attention to not only the main things but also the minor and secondary details. The above tips can be a good starting point in fine-tuning your marketing skills on LinkedIn. We, the Minds Metricks, as a social media marketing agency we have found these key tips to yield noticeable results when applied correctly and have propelled many start-up businesses to great heights in LinkedIn marketing.

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