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Author : Minds Metricks

January 11, 2018

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With the internet taking over the business with full speed, there are very few businesses who have chosen not to leave their traditional brick-and-mortar setup and go online. Internet has changed the way people communicate and has given brands, both big and small, a large exposure to audience. As it is widespread across the globe, the total reach of the brands and their products has also increased significantly. Hence, it is responsible for a true global culture when it comes to business online.

To mark your presence on the internet, the first and the most important thing that you as a business or a service provider should look at is a website. Yes, every digital marketing strategist or a contemporary marketer will emphasize on the fact that it is necessary to have a website if you wish to target the global audience through the medium of internet.

Now, the next big question that strikes every business owner after creating a website is its hosting. Where do you host a website? While big brands will have their individual servers for hosting their website, it’s about the small ones who are emerging in the market and do not have the budget and resources to host a server. This is where hosting service provider comes into the picture.

There are several types of hosting available, and you as a first-time internet entrepreneur may find it confusing about what to choose. If you are worried and confused about which web hosting service is best for you, then let us first understand the two basic kind of hosting services available in the market – Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. Both the services are adequate and efficient, but there are different scenarios and business requirements where choosing one is better than the other.

Shared Web Hosting

When it comes to shared hosting, imagine a single big computer where your website resides along with those of other companies. This means, you rent a web space on the server. In shared hosting, one physical server is shared by a number of users who use the resources together. As the resources are shared, everyone shares the cost of storage, internet bandwidth, server maintenance, and other activities associated with the server. 

Though the different websites are present on the same server, they will still not be able to access other accounts or websites as the system is safe and secure. It is because of this cost-effectiveness and ease of use along with security that makes shared web hosting a popular choice among several individuals and business owners. If you are a beginner who does not understand the complex terminologies of web technology or hosting, then you can easily start using shared hosting because of its ease of use. 

Many hosting providers offer one-step install software that make it easy to build a website of your choice. Also, you can easily upload your website on the server using the online file manager or a File Transfer Client such as Filezilla, create databases online, manage email accounts, and access different tools that determine the visits and usage of web resources. All this is possible with ease when you choose shared hosting.

Who should prefer Shared Hosting?

Since it is easy to use and maintain, here are a few business and individuals who will find shared hosting as an ideal solution to mark their identity online.

  • You can choose shared hosting when your business is small or mid-sized and is not crowded by thousands of users/visitors every second.
  • When the number of visitors coming to your website is limited to a few hundred on a monthly or weekly basis.
  • When you are using a website for blog or news where content is updated frequently.
  • When you are not aware about the complexities of how to configure a server, install and upgrade software, and do task of server maintenance on the technical front.

Why Choose Shared Hosting?

When you are new to the world of web hosting, and are not aware about where to start, then a shared platform is a great place to venture out on the internet. It is ideal and adequate for businesses and websites that have low to moderate web traffic and do not have requirements of complex, customized server configurations to manage their websites. The hosting service is the best when you plan to minimize the cost of web hosting, without the hassles of server maintenance and related costs. Be it a blogger, a freelance service provider, or a small business with shopping cart, a shared hosting platform will be ideal for you to start with.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Imagine that your website has started receiving so many visitors that most of the times it is not up or overloaded. As your business or user base is expanding, you would not like to lose out on the people. To manage the load of increased number of visitors, who are pouring in at the rate of hundred every minute, it is necessary to have the website moved to a server which is completely dedicated to you. This is where Dedicated Web Hosting comes into the picture.

Whenever you choose dedicated web hosting, you get a server for your website and are only user on the server. As a result, all of its capacity and resources are all yours. Since, the entire server is yours, you receive much more control over its configuration and set up of the operating environment. And with this comes the liberty to choose a variety of software and services, which otherwise would not be available if you were using shared web space.

Why should you prefer Dedicated Hosting?

Not every business needs dedicated hosting, but when your business has expanded to a level such that the resources of shared hosting are not enough to handle the website, then it is recommended to look for dedicated hosting options. Switching to dedicated hosting makes sense in the following conditions:

  • When your business is growing at a continuous phase by adding more products and services. In this case, you need complete control over your website and its resources, so a server is needed to adapt to the changing demands.
  • When your website is receiving heavy traffic due to video streaming and high-resolution photos hosted on your website.
  • When you as a website owner require a unique IP address which you do not wish to share with any other web addresses over technical functionalities.
  • When your business is handling sensitive information such that you require a dedicated web server to manage the data securely.

Why choose Dedicated Hosting?

Whenever you have established web presence online, you need not face technical constraints to hinder your website’s functionality. In order to expand the resources to meet the rising demands of web traffic and bandwidth consumption, a dedicated hosting service is required. Also, when it comes to managing the online digital marketing promotions – both paid and organic – any digital marketing agency will recommend dedicated hosting for smooth operations.

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