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Author : Minds Metricks

February 7, 2019

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If you’ve been on Pinterest for quite some time now but you’re frustrated that you have not been getting satisfactory results, this could be as a result of your failure to fully utilize specific strategies and features offered by Pinterest. There is so much more you can do to improve the visibility of your content on Pinterest than just pinning myriads of pins. The following are some of Pinterest tools and features that you probably haven’t been exploiting. If you implement these strategies, they will undoubtedly make you achieve success in your endeavors.

Adding pins to Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter pins are fantastic features on Pinterest that helps you to save time especially if you don’t use tools such as Hootsuite to share across multiple social media platforms. This feature helps you to share your pins on Twitter and Facebook once you’ve created them effortlessly reaching a wider audience. However, timing is of the essence. For better results be very strategic about your pinning times and make sure you pin your post when your target audience is online reachable. Adding your Pinterest pins a post’s reach multiple folds.

Adding Pins to Facebook and Twitter (Source: The Steve Master Blog)

Make good use of group boards

Pinterest group boards can be essential tools to expose your business. The platform not only allows users to organize their content in personal collections referred to as boards but also to invite collaborators to pin related content on their board. Search and join group boards such as social group boards related to your industry, social influencers boards, etc.. You can also start your group boards and invite others to pin on your boards. If you start your group board, it is crucial you monitor and keep track of what pinners are posting on your group board. If you are the kind of group board owner who ignores activity on the board, there is a high chance that you have a lot of irrelevant content from ignorant, malicious or reckless pinners on your board. Irrelevant and offending pins are discouraging and only ends up driving followers and the traffic away. Utilize group board settings to enable you to monitor board activity by sending you notifications when someone pins anything on the boards. Group boards also help to collect information from the market and to sort relevant content out there.

Pinterest SEO optimization

One important thing to note is that Pinterest is a unique social network that also utilizes the search engine algorithm as well. Thus it’s paramount to optimize your profile and content. Adopt the relevant keywords to enable users interested in your content or related content to be directed to your posts easily. You will be able to attract new followers and succeed in your marketing. Ensure you pin only quality, resourceful and optimized content on your board. Above all, properly optimize your profile and your ads to attract the most relevant traffic.

Adopting the right Pinterest Ad

Pinterest offers several ads options to help its users promote their content and brands thus it’s essential to understand the different ads and utilize the most appropriate ad type. Pinterest Ads include:-

  • Promoted pins are the easiest to use and are visible on a user’s feed accompanied by the words “Promoted by” and your business name. 
  • Video pins are similar to regular pins only that the promotional videos automatically play as users scroll through. Use of videos as a marketing tool is a very effective strategy and works well even on Pinterest. Videos ads have an impressive conversion rate. 
  • One-tap pins direct users to your website with only one click, just as the name suggests. With one-tap pins, users can bypass “in between” pages and view your content directly. 
  • Other Pinterest ads include, the Cinematic and Promoted App Pins, which are also resourceful when used appropriately.
Ads on Pinterest (Source: Digital Vidya)

Utilizing the right Pinterest Campaign Strategy

There are five main campaign strategies that Pinterest offers. 

  • Building your brand awareness.
  • Bringing traffic to your website.
  • Increasing the number of downloads for your app.
  • Promoting brand awareness through videos.
  • Tracking and boosting your pin engagement.

Your campaign‘s objectives and goals largely determine your choice among the five campaign types. In most instances, you may probably want to stimulate a surge in traffic to your website to ensure your content reaches a good number of the target audience.

The various campaign objectives when creating a Pinterest Ads (Source: Pinterest)

Audience targeting

Pinterest enables advertisers to target your ads directly to people based on what these people like and their interest. Saving the demographic profiles of your audiences in your account is a great way to ensure that you are reaching your prospects. If you aren’t doing this already, the chances are high you are not getting the traffic that you desperately want. Always bear in mind the location of your audience as well as other demographic variables like gender and age as they are very crucial to your marketing campaign.

Audience Targeting on Pinterest

Use good quality and attractive images

Pinterest is a highly visual social marketing platform. One thing that you need to put in mind is that quality visuals, and not just any visual but creatively designed and attractive visuals, increase people’s willingness to read your content. If you understand this, then you will appreciate the need to use impressive, eye-catching visuals to attract as many eyes as you can to your ads.

Split test and adopt the best

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a marketing strategy that you should consider utilizing in your marketing campaigns. It involves testing various variables included in your ads and measuring the effectiveness of each one of them. The aim of carrying out split testing is to enable one to find out which set of variables would translate to the highest number of conversions. When it comes to Pinterest ads, for instance, this can involve creating various ad’s graphics or styles, creating, joining different group boards for different sets of keywords or areas of interest, etc., to test what works best for you. Then you can confidently proceed to adopt that which works best for you.

Utilize Pinterest mail to promote your brand

Pinterest launched an email feature on their platform, that when well utilized can be a great asset. It enables users to send content to prospects. Just send them a pin that will be of interest and value to them.

High initial CPC bid

It’s advisable that you use a high maximum CPC bid from the very beginning. Pinterest makes use of something that they call a second-price auction model, which means that you pay more than the previous highest bidder paid, up to your maximum CPC. If you’re not sure about what to bid, then you could try a high initial bid and then keep track of the performance and adjust accordingly.

Setting Bid Amount for a Pinterest Ad (Source: Hootsuite)

The Bottom line

Pinterest is one of the least exploited social marketing platforms, less utilized than even LinkedIn Marketing and people are least aware of how the platform can be resourceful to their businesses. To succeed in Pinterest, you need to understand it. Unlike most other platforms, Pinterest a social network that also utilizes the search engine algorithms thus you required to integrate the best social media and the best search engine practices. The above tools and featuresstrategies if implemented appropriately can yield good results. Keep in touch to learn more as we unveil more Pinterest tricks in our future articles on our blog.

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