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Author : Minds Metricks

November 28, 2017

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Worried why your website takes a lot of time to load on the mobile browser? Looking for the best optimization technique to enhance the mobile website speed? Then shun all your worries about your website by giving it an enhanced experience with Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP.

What is AMP?

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a technology for website development in Dubai to improve the performance of web content by creating an alternative to the standard web page. The link to this page is placed on the standard web page’s source code such that the alternative page loads in mobile browsers and web crawlers.

Why use AMP?

As AMP is an open source technology implemented to reduce the website load time, it offers a huge benefit in terms of browsing and SEO.

Mobile Browsing Benefits

Website design in Dubai done using AMP technology allows the web pages to load 50% faster on mobile devices than the regular web pages. This gives a huge benefit to mobile users with slow internet connection. With the use of AMP, mobile users are not put off by long page load time, and the bounce rate drops. Thus, you can retain your audience across mobile domain. In one of the recent study, CNBC reported a 387% decrease in the time taken by mobile pages to load for AMP Pages against non-AMP pages, while Gizmodo stated that AMP pages can load three times faster than non-AMP pages.

SEO Benefits

Popular search engines such as Google report that AMP pages typically load in less than one second and have been found to use 10 times less data than the equivalent non-AMP pages. As AMP pages load fast, search engines classify your website as fast, this giving it a huge advantage over standard websites. This enhances user experience, thereby improving the website ranking. 

So, AMP is best summarized as ‘Website Design on a Diet.’ So, what are you waiting for? Make your website fast with AMP.

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