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Author : Minds Metricks

February 1, 2018

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With the internet being an open space for all individuals, several businesses are switching to it. By creating websites, they are able to reach greater audience. Doing so, their businesses bloom, revenues increase, and soon small businesses turn into a brand that the internet generation follow.

Having said this, there are several brands that are made and wiped on the internet, considering the fast-changing pace of the internet and its users. Hence, when you decide to have an online footprint for your businesses, you need a website that follows the contemporary metrics and is appealing enough to catch the attention of the fickle internet generation.

When it comes to developing a website and promoting it, consider following a certain set of parameters of metrics, against which the overall website seems to be judged. After approaching several such experts, we are able to find the top five metrics that you are expected to follow:

Source of Traffic

This is clearly referred to as the source where the traffic of visitors comes in from. Identifying the various sources of traffic, we were able to bucket the source into 3 categories. They are as follows:


These are the people who get onto your website after clicking a link that is placed on another website. These links are actively developed doing search engine optimization.


These kind of people come to your website after searching for a particular product, service, or term on popular search engines such as Google or Bing. Google displays your website in the numerous results of the Search Engine Results Page. This way, the traffic coming to your website is termed as Organic Traffic. In order to make sure that you appear in the first 3 results of the Search Engine, you can opt for paid promotion, and the traffic will be labelled as Paid traffic.


These are the visitors who come to your website by directly typing the URL of your website in the browser. As no search engine or referral website is involved, the traffic is deemed as Direct traffic.

Design Metric

Having understood where you are getting influx of users, you will be in a better position to design the website, or re-design it to match the likes of the particular user set. This way, the new design will be able to engage them better, and thus your business grows. Here are a few things to follow while designing.

For referral traffic, create content on your website which other websites will find useful and are willing to link to. This might include blog posts, videos, Infographics, and any other long form content that can be linked.

For Search traffic, design the website following SEO practices, and offpage SEO activity needs to be done to improve search engine ranking.

For Direct Traffic, Advertising and having an easy-to-remember URL is recommended.

Plan the Keywords

As most of the traffic coming to your website will be through the search engine, it is recommended that you implement best SEO practices for better ranking. Having said this, the basic step to do so is identifying the keywords, and building content around them. This way, your website will be shown in results for terms or words users search for, and they will be able to find what they are looking for on the website.

Many designers believe that the best solution is to have a design where keywords can be stuffed. However, with evolving search engines, this practice is shunned as more natural content with smoothly spaced keywords at strategic places on the website is ranked better by search engines.

For a website with good keyword placement, opt for responsive websites that eliminate content duplication for different platforms, make the content relatable, use social sharing, and be kind to link to sources.

Competition Analysis

The best practice to survive the online competition is to know what your competitors are doing, and then implement better strategy. Search for competitors on the search engine, analyze their websites, their content, and accordingly refurbish your site. This surely does give great results.


Whenever and wherever possible, have a section or page dedicated to engage with the visitor and acknowledge his presence. This will help you reduce the bounce rate, bringing relevant traffic to the website, and improving brand loyalty.

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