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Author : Minds Metricks

May 5, 2016

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E-commerce has become the first choice of almost every new age entrepreneur who wants to make it big in the business world. Nobody would want to build factories, hire people, and spend big bucks when you can run an extremely successful business merely with a laptop while enjoying a cup of coffee in your favourite café. While initially people had the opinion that not much could be accomplished in an offline business but the website design and development companies showed that everything could be accomplished in a properly created website. However even though it may appear to be extremely easy and alluring, you must know that to create a successful e-commerce business one needs to pay attention to many things. Thus one merely needs to remember that an e-commerce business has lots of potential, however one must make the right decision and take the correct steps to reach the highest levels of success. Here are some of the factors that must be adhered to, in order to make your e-commerce website successful:  

Research and Findings – All you need

This should be the first step towards creating a successful e-commerce business. You should gather as much knowledge as possible before diving into it, so to speak. Refer to different portals for more information on the industry with which you want to associate your e-commerce website company. If you are dealing with a company for the design and development then you would want to ensure their experience in the past on e-commerce models. You need to have a demo before you actually finalised them and sign a contract. So the bottom line is – research, before you initiate anything you need to do a lot of research and find out each and every factor in detail associated with the process.  

Competitive Research – Helps you learn a lot

Try to get as much information as possible on the status, strategies and associations of your company. This analysis will give you a sharp edge over your competition as you will have the opportunity to create better plans for your business and you will also learn a lot as to how the other companies are succeeding. Competitive research will always help you stay ahead of your competitors or it will probably help you learn and experience from their failures in certain areas in case you’re just starting out. It can help you right from website look and feel to their brand partners and ever their marketing patterns and strategies. There is always something to learn from your competitors. So keep a close check on your competitors.  

Deals and Promotion: A difference it creates

By pricing most people generally believe it is all about selling your product at the cheapest rate. Even though it is an important feature, pricing should not be all about that because fighting over the cheapest price with your competition could be disastrous for the business. So a better way would be to add value to your services, so that the customers may find your product to be a value for money. To add this, you can give an extra gift or provide gift wrapping with the product or the most important of all, stand tall with your impeccable customer service. You won’t be successful if you aren’t making it different from what’s already present in the market, chances of succeeding at it is almost negligible if you have the same pattern and sales strategy. To stand out, you could run promotional offers or some very lucrative deals that your buyers cannot refuse or find with your competitors.  

Customers: Biggest brand endorsers

If your services and products are the best that they could be and they have been successful in gratifying the customers, then the biggest publicity agents of your business would be your customers. So ensure that you have a place where the reviews of your customers are posted as this will attract many more customers, because today’s smart audience believes more in words of fellow customers than any celebrity endorsements. In addition to gaining a lot from the positive reviews you can also learn a lot from the negative reviews as to what all are the areas where your product and services are seriously lagging. This will give you a chance to make amends. Hence there is no real downside to this, plus you get to have a direct interaction with your customers and they will know that you actually care for your customers. Social Media can be your best tool to communicate with your consumers right from their review to the solution of their problems they are facing while buying your product or dealing with your company.  

Checkout Process: The most simplified wins the race

The customers are usually in a lot of hurry and especially nowadays they do not have a lot of time, so try to value their time by simplifying the checkout process. This will help customers in making swift purchases of the products of their choice and that too in a very small time. However, if the checkout process is too complicated then even if the customer likes something he or she may not buy it or look it up with some other service provider because they would not want to go through the hassle full process of checking out. So try to use auto fill as much as possible, simplify account creation process, save the billing and shipping address for future transaction etc.  

A Beautiful and user-friendly website – To build Trust and Authenticity

After all this, the most important stage of your online business is your website. Lately web design companies of Dubai have become extremely popular because they have set a very high benchmark not only in the web design world of Dubai but all over the world. Learning from this trend, try to make your website appealing because that is the first thing the customers will notice when they visit the webpage. Also customers have a habit of inferring the quality of a company from the quality of its website. Any company that wishes to sell their products online on their website without any physical store presence, they have to be well prepared in order to show the authenticity and trust of their brand on the website so that they customers can really be sure and comfortable if they are punching their credit card details on the website. This can be achieved in few ways.

  • Sign up of different cyber security firms logo at the footer
  • Double verification process while purchasing the order
  • Double secure password for their online transactions
  • Mobile, email and SMS confirmation of their product
  • Talking of refund in bold in case of un-satisfaction

Ensure everything is ready for your Launch: It’s once and for all

It is not that you will be launching the website every day, so make sure everything is in order before the launch, because a successful launch could be the biggest asset in your growth story. So do the proper testing, ensure best SEO and then launch it. Also it could be a good idea to place a “coming soon” message on the website before the launch to create some anticipation, but this would also only work with proper marketing and media promotion. Marketing is good for any and every business. A 15 days media campaign especially on Radio and TV prior to the launch would definitely create a lot of buzz and will drive sales right from the first day and first hour of the launch. One trick to allure more customer right at the time of launch is to offer something really awesome if they happen to be one of the first 100 customers. So now that you are equipped with all the knowledge you need for making a big name for yourself and for your e-commerce business there should be nothing stopping you. Indeed ensuring all of this could be a herculean task but if everything is done properly, the whole endeavour and your e-commerce business could be extremely rewarding and you may end up living your dream.   

About the Author:

We are a team of extremely passionate analytic consultants who dream of web traffic every single second. Each one of us brings a unique specialisation which helps define your SEO objectives and develop a long lasting result oriented strategy. At Minds Metricks, it’s all about bringing business to life and we are experts at developing websites that reflect your brand and communicate across.  

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