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Author : Minds Metricks

January 25, 2018

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You may have designed a good-looking website that matches your business objectives. You might have received appreciation for the website design and the content that went up on it. After all of this, you must be feeling happy that your website will now become the reason to drive online traffic, increase sales, and achieve business objectives. But designing a website is half the work done, the other half lies in promoting.

How will your website get traffic if people don’t know it exist? How will people know it exist if it is not listed in the results of search engines pages for a set of keywords or terms people search for? Any web design company will say that designing is half the work done, but the true efforts lie in seeing your website listed for business related queries on the internet. And this is where Search Engine Optimization or SEO comes into the picture.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization –  a set of practices that help to make the pages of your website relevant for indexing bots of search engines, so that they appear on the top of the search engine results page, for any query.  SEO is not a one-time process, but a continuous practice that needs maintenance, tuning, testing and monitoring.

Having said this, here are the top-level things a web master needs to follow for SEO of the website:

Do the basic analysis

This is a broad set of activities that are needing to be done before you take any action on the SEO front. This begins with:

Website Analysis:

This includes analysis of keywords on the website, meta keywords, text of the web pages, and titles such that your web pages are well positioned for the search engines bots to index. This also includes how much readable content you have on the website rather than the scripting or HTML code.

Competition Analysis

This includes analysis of keywords and content of websites of competitors. This analysis will help in detecting the effective positioning strategy to follow both on the SEO and marketing front when it comes to online business.  You may begin the process by analyzing the keywords of top five websites that come in the Search Engines’ Results Page.

Keyword Research

This is an important step when it comes to development of website.

Initial Keyword Nomination

This involves finding the necessary keywords that will go on the website, both as meta keywords and content. This can be done by doing competition Analysis.

Keyword Analysis

When you want to position your business the right way, you need to do in-depth study of keywords. This is done using the Google Keyword Research Tool. The tool helps the analysis to identify a targeted list of keywords and phrases. This will also give you the internet scenario for the current set of keywords, and the keywords that can be incorporated for the website to list and reflect in a better way on the search engines.

Ranking Assessment

This is to understand where you stand for a set of keywords, and what is your target in the coming months. As SEO is not a one-month activity, rising the ranks will surely require time. So, make an excel sheet for ranking of website against the keywords searched on Google. This will also help in mapping the progress when you begin the SEO activity.

Content Optimization and Submission

Based on the keywords and analysis, you need to modify the structure of the website for titles and metas, and then alter the content.

Create strategic content

This begins with creating the relevant page titles, meta tags, and descriptions that influence the bots of search engines. Once this step is taken care of, you may proceed to optimize the content such that it is more natural, appealing, and uses the intended keywords for bots to index better.High-quality content increases the relevance of the website, and thus improves its ranking on the SEO front.

Create Site-Maps

Along with content, to help the bots to navigate better,  web design companies recommend creating an XML site map. This will make the indexing easier for bots.Content Submission

This is where you promote your website through writing articles, blogs, reviews and other long and short form of content on the directories for SEO promotionThese are the basics that will need continuous monitoring and tuning from time to time for better SEO results.

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