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Author : Minds Metricks

March 8, 2018

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UAE is a blooming country with Dubai making for the global centre that attracts businesses and individuals across the globe.

Having said this, the city of lights has welcomed the internet with open arms with over 91% of the population taking to the internet. Though the number of internet users only contribute to 0.2% of the global internet users, still the business opportunities are huge, and hence many brands have now marked their presence on the internet here.

Professionals specializing in web design has to offer have created a variety of websites. But not all the creations have been feasible enough for businesses to opt for them readily. Though some of the designs are appealing, they might just not fit the business positioning and line of communication. And this is where feedbacks and conflicts arise, often leading to stalling of projects or incomplete deliveries.

Designing of a website should be done in such a way that both the designers and the stakeholders are at the same wavelength and in agreement to what is being created. Only then will there be able to shape the website design the way it suits the business. So, in order to avoid the overheads and differences in communication over design, a good web designer should follow the given rules.

Be Specific with requirements and feedback

Often the client is not aware of what needs to go on a website, and generally asks for different designs or shares a bunch of websites which match his business. When the requirement is not specific, it becomes difficult for designers to create a design that will be accepted easily. In such cases, the designers should ask for brand positioning and communication before proceeding. Secondly, if the feedback is received, it should be specific as to what needs to be changed and why. This way, the communication will be clear, and the design will come off great.

Limit the number of designers

In global digital agencies, two or more designers may be involved in a project, considering the vastness and scope of web design. Having understood the scenario, the company should not involve more than 3 designers on a large project. If many designers are involved, then there will be a chaos of inputs and the end result may not be feasible for the business. Similarly, use a limited set of tools to avoid design discrepancies.

Limit the number of stakeholders

Bigger brands have many stakeholders who look after the design process. Having said this, the designers should look for minimizing the number of stakeholders who look after the approval process. This way, the feedback is specific and the number of iterations get limited to a few such that the design created is in congruence with the business needs. Also, when several stakeholders are involved, there willbe multiple feedbacks and a feasible solution may become difficult.

Arrange for Walkthrough

Whenever multiple stakeholders are involved, there will be multiple feedbacks. In order to avoid this situation, it is recommended that the designers arrange for a design walkthrough. This way, whatever the designer has designed is better explained, and the number of feedbacks are reduced significantly. Secondly, each element of the design is explained well, and therefore there will be clear understanding of how the webpages have been shaped up to meet the business objectives. 

Keep a single point of contact

There should be only one person of contact who receives the design and passes the feedback. This way, the communication can be straight-forward, and there will be no chances of delays or miscommunication, even when several stakeholders are involved.

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