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Author : Minds Metricks

December 3, 2018

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Social media influencer marketing involves identifying and drawing in people who can create high-impact discussions with clients about your brand, services, and products due to their established credibility and authenticity in a specific industry. Leveraging influencers’ large followings on social media enable a brand to reach more potential clients.

However, not every social media influencer can be considered successful in their endeavors. Some influencers are more established than others and have more power and influence over clients in a certain industry. This may make you wonder, who is considered a successful social media influencer and what are their principles and approaches? What do they do differently?

Here are our top 6 principles and areas to master to change your game:

Being a successful social media influencer is a growing process that takes time and requires hard work and dedication. Different successful influencers uses different strategies but there are key principles that cut across including:

Being Authentic

To be credible you have to be authentic. You have to be original in what you do to be endearing to your followers. A successful influencer with an excellent track record of authenticity is endearing to followers who will genuinely listen to what he/she says. Being authentic will give you the power of the masses which means you will be able to hold sway, ultimately making yourself successful in your field.

Build your expert power

Knowledge is power in all areas and in social media influencing you have to be well versed in your field. Build your knowledge base to solidify your expertise. Successful influencers are always well informed about their presentation with accurate and verifiable information and try their level best in avoiding to dispense unverifiable information. Knowledge also helps influencers to avoid marketing poor quality, dysfunctional and other products that may be detrimental to their influence.  

Acquire Authority 

To be a good influential marketer you have to command authority not to demand authority. Get your facts right and be sure, accurate, and confident of the information you pass by building a strong relevant knowledge base and communication skills set. Successful social media influencer first gathers information about their topic and ensures they are well equipped with information then rehearse their content production before dispensing the information. 

Master the art of being charismatic

Being charismatic is essential to capture and retain people’s attention and get the opportunity to convince, persuade and sway their mindset to convert them. When a charismatic influencer talks, people listen and genuinely take his/her words into consideration. 

Follow your passion

Doing something you are passionate about keeps one motivated and excited to go an extra mile necessary to outperform peers in the same field. Many social media influencer are successful because they follow their passion  

Optimize your visibility

To succeed in as an influencer market you have to reach your audience and thus you must optimize your visibility. Utilize your social media to attract large crowds by staying in touch with the emerging news in your field. Good influencers know the best time to post content and how to do it. They are also across various social media platforms to ensure they optimize their visibility and leave nothing to chance.

Utilize the power of engagement

Keeping in touch with your audience is critical to answer their questions, get feedback, give them instructions or the way forward, elevate or confirm their doubts, take care of criticism,  or simply settle their curiosity. Engagement indicates the presenter is sure of his information, is sensitive and values his audience.  The influencer also gets the opportunity to rectify his flaws highlighted by critics and probably get a hint of what to cover next from his audience’s questions.

The above 7 principles or areas to master may not be exhaustive but certainly, they are the key to growing one’s social media influence to a successful social media influencer. The great heights reached and maintained by the influencers is not achieved overnight nor spontaneous. These influencers have lived and abided by the principles in their marketing endeavors and they have been defined by them. They have strived to be authentic in their fields by being trustworthy and knowledgeable about their fields. Charisma and authority have enabled them to maintain their following and grow their masses. They know the value of visibility and engaging their audience and strive to be the best in their fields ensuring they reach a wider audience.

To get an idea of exactly who a successful social media influencer is, let’s look at real-life examples of influencers who have successfully established themselves in this social media influencing and making a difference in people’s lives. 

Examples of successful social media influencers 

Our analysis shows all the successful social media influencers applies and have a great mastery of the 7 principles irrespective of their strategies and have seen their profiles stand-out. Among such influencers is Gary Vee & Jay Shetty who have developed an identity for themselves and their brands.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is an American entrepreneur, speaker, author and internet personality. According to his official website, he is the chairman of VaynerX, a media and communications holding company. He is also the active CEO of VaynerMedia, a full-service advertising agency that caters to Fortune 100 clients across the company’s four locations. VaynerMedia has grown to become a remarkable marketer and is well equipped to handle different marketing strategies such as influencer marketing as well as other related online marketing strategies.

Gary Vaynerchuk on the cover photo of Entrepreneur Magazine

Gary’s fascination with the internet as a platform for promoting products goes back to the ‘90s when he transformed his father’s liquor store, which he renamed Wine Library, and later grew to become the first e-commerce site for alcohol in the country. This translated into an explosion in the growth of the sales.In 2006, he started producing a series of videos on YouTube under the channel WineLibraryTV  .  This marked the beginning of his online entrepreneurship journey. He authored a book called “Crush It!” in 2009 that went on to become the foundation for his principles on marketing, media, and communication.Today, Gary boasts of over 12 million followers across various social media platforms such as InstagramYouTubeFacebookTwitterLinkedInSnapchat, and Spotify among others. Gary is also the host of a business podcast, The GaryVee Audio Experience, which features new and exciting episodes daily.

Gary Vaynerchuk product promotions

GaryVee 001 & GaryVee 002 Sneakers promotion

GaryVee certainly uses his online entrepreneurial mastery in the promotion of sneakers. In November 2017 he partnered with K-Swiss to come up with two sneakers: GaryVee 001 and 002. He unveiled the sneakers at one of his shows at ComplexCon.

Garry promoting the GaryVee 001 and 002

Among the noticeable traits is that Gary Vee takes the time to describe the sneakers into details including their cost down. Also important to note is that he doesn’t just unveil the shoes in a simple promotional video, he goes out to the people. He prefers to interact with his target audience face-to-face that helps him make an impact. The huge number of people who attended his ComplexCon launch clearly shows his influence and his success in launching the sneakers. It may be even harder to estimate the number of people who were reached by the information. His YouTube video alone about the launch reached over 45,861 people.

Gary undoubtedly did a great job in creating awareness and he did not stop. On the day that the sneakers were unveiled to the market, Gary took to his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram platforms to connect with his followers and remind them the sneakers were out. The result was impressive and shocking at the same time. Gary ignited an extraordinary craze among the already hyped up followers who had been eagerly awaiting the sneakers. His army of loyal followers immediately responded and took to the K-Swiss   site. The traffic was so high that K-Swiss servers crashed that midnight during the launch. In fact, it took his fans hours to check out and the sneakers sold out.  He acknowledged later on his site   that the promotion was a success and the sneakers even sold out.

GaryVee 003 Clouds & Dirt Shoe

Gary’s first collaboration with K-Swiss was an instant success. Early this year, Gary unveiled his third sneaker collaboration with K-Swiss; the GaryVee 003 Clouds & Dirt  . This time, according to his site, the shoes would also be available for international orders everywhere.

Gary Vee wearing his promotional sneakers Image caption

Gary is all about detail, and once again, he leaves nothing to chance. He includes every relevant detail such as the places and countries that the sneakers are available, the online stores where the shoes can be found and their links.

The announcement video on YouTube was able to reach 59,987 people. One unique strategy that Gary employs in his promotional campaigns is that he tries to motivate people with inspirational words. His aim is not just to sell a brand, but to inspire as well and this is what makes a lot of people identify with him.

Gary Vee’s 003 clouds & dirt announcement

Gary Vee’s inspiration and motivation

Gary Vee is undoubtedly a master of many crafts. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that he has not been left behind when it comes to motivational speaking. He occasionally posts a lot of articles on his official site tagged motivation  , where he seeks to deliver messages of inspiration, success, and hope, just to name a few. His inspirational content also seeks to create awareness on matters to do with personal life, public speaking, his experiences, and viewpoints, among other topics. Motivational videos are also another platform that he uses to drive his inspirational agenda and talk to people about many life issues.

“Hard work is the only way to move forward in life. Nothing happens because of magic.” –  Gary Vaynerchuk.

One of the famous Gary Vee Quotes

The team behind all this magic is Teamgaryvee. Gary’s profile would be incomplete without the mention of Teamgaryvee. This is the Instagram account of his team where they create the promotional content and where the backstage story happens.

According to the Instagram account, this is the team that works hand-in-hand with Gary Vee. Basically, this is the team that makes all the magic happen. The Instagram account currently has 760 posts and 120K followers. The group inhibits many GaryVee’s characteristics including originality, visibility, and honesty, for example, it’s not rare to see them telling their audience the bitter truth although they use the politest language they can.

Team Gary Vee knows the power of engagement and always try and reply to each & every comment.

Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty   is a British keynote speaker, host, storyteller, viral content creator, and an experiment maker. He was born and schooled in London, United Kingdom but his ethnicity is Indian (Telegu family). Before joining Caas Business School in London for his Bachelor degree in Behavioral Science he got an opportunity to attend to a monk’s lecture in London where he learned about human life and its unexplored facts which intrigued his interest in monks. Later after his graduation he travelled to Indian and spent 3 years in a monastery with the monks closely observing life, perhaps the source of his wisdom. In the monastery he also learned about charity and meditation that detached him from the materialistic life.  

Jay Shetty as a Monk (Source: Wikibio  )

Jay started his Youtube vlog in 2015,  his core mission being to spread knowledge, something he calls making Wisdom Go Viral. He has amassed a following of over 10 million people and his content has garnered more than one billion views.

Jay Shetty in one of his episodic videos, “Think Out Loud with Jay Shetty”  

He is good at crafting content and his creativity is unrivaled. His content, such as videos, has time and again been shared by celebrities and social media influencers who have strongly agreed with his message.

Jay boasts of having a remarkable ability to transform a message into an inspirational story that moves and impacts his masses. He believes in the power of collaboration and works with authors, entrepreneurs, and influencers to enliven their stories.

He has been able to attract a following that is very engaging and interactive with him. As a result, many brands have taken notice of his huge influence and popularity and have partnered with him to promote their products. He has coached several top ranked corporations including Google, Coca-Cola, Facebook, LÓreal, Microsoft, HSBC, Bank of England, NASDAQ and Ernst & Young among others. In 2016 he won the Asian Media Awards for the ‘Espoke Living Best Blog’.

Jay Shetty Product Promotion  

National Geographic: Chasing Genius    

Nat Geo launched a competition called “Chasing genius” that was to be part of Einstein’s biographic film “Genius”. Jay Shetty played an instrumental role in the campaign and came up with the headline for the campaign titled, “Before you give up, watch this”.

Jay’s role and involvement in the campaign helped to raise submissions to the competition by more than 300%.

A screenshot of Jay’s YouTube video, “Before You Give Up, Watch This”

On YouTube alone, the video was able to garner 792,499 views. Even more interesting, the video reached about 2 million people across various social media platforms.

HuffPost Promotional Videos

Jay collaborated with HuffPost, a news and opinion website and blog, to come up with episodic videos for the firm. Jay worked his magic and his Mindtrip videos for HuffPost turned out to be the most viewed series of all time for the firm.

One of his videos, “Changing the world starts with you” was able to garner over 35 million views on the HuffPost page. On Facebook, the video was able to reach another 100 million people.

Changing the World Starts with You

Jay Shetty has outstanding storytelling and motivational speaking abilities. He leverages this gift to connect with his audience and drive impact. He also exhibits a unique and natural ability to turn a message into a video that can inspire and motivate people. These are the special traits which he doesn’t shy to use in his marketing campaigns and influence his followers.

Jay Shetty’s Philanthropy

Jay Shetty’s spirit of promoting the welfare of others cannot go unnoticed. He supports many charities and currently he patterned with the Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation which helps children from child labor and child slavery all over the world.

Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation

Jay did a YouTube video inviting his subscribers and well-wishers to donate to the course that had a donate button. In two days the sensational video had reached over 41k viewers with over 200 comments.


Jay Shetty YouTube video call for support to Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation

Lessons learned

Social media influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk and Jay Shetty may be just two examples, but certainly are a testament to what being a successful influencer is all about. Their stories and impressive bios provide us with valuable lessons that we can pick from them. Their principles are founded on qualities such as creativity, passion for their work, charismatic and expert power and a well-established credibility in their industry. Their success undoubtedly speaks volumes of their remarkable efforts and commitments to their marketing obsession. These are all traits that anyone who would want to reach such height in the world of online marketing should emulate.


Influencer marketing is becoming more popular in our world today as the social media marketing companies continues to take the online community by storm. People nowadays love and adore popular and influential personalities and such are social media influencers. As more and more people continue to open their minds and hearts to the advice, reviews, and opinions of influencers they trust, influencer marketing will increasingly become more relevant.

Many brands that have come to this realization are always on the lookout for well-established influencers who can help them create content to promote their brands on social media platforms. This is good news if you are aspiring to be a top-notch social media influencer. Following the strategies above and borrowing a leaf from successful social media influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk and Jay Shetty will go a long way to helping you become a successful social media influencer.

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