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Author : Minds Metricks

November 7, 2017

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Reaching at the top position in the SERP results is the goal of all the SEO experts who work on their respective client websites. For several years, these experts have been trying and experimenting with techniques, methods, and keeping themselves updated with the changes in search engine algorithms. However, all these searches were restricted to text, what will be the scenario when you start using Voice?

Voice Search came as a surprise to many, and has over-taken the traditional form of text-search.  Voice Search in Dubai is growing at a rapid pace, as it is fast, convenient, and allows you to search on the go, without having to type anything. As the technology behind Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant goes on improving, voice search is becoming more and more reliable. Experts believe that Voice Search is going to shape the future of SEO, bringing a revolution in the organic search arena. Here are a few tips to help you rank better in Voice Search from our SEO experts:

Use of natural phrases

Text-based search is precise, but voice-based search is not. When you search anything using Voice, you just speak naturally to the device. The spoken words are long, sometimes like a complete question “What is the weather in Dubai? Which is the best SEO Company? So your targeted keywords should align with the natural phrases in order to get better results.

Conversational Content

No two people think or talk alike. This means they will definitely search for things in their own way. The common style of searching on the internet is through use of conversational style. Unlike the traditional, precise content with exact-matching keywords, conversational content is versatile, free-flowing, and based on the situation. For instance, someone who is in a hurry will simply say, “Ok Google, I want to buy groceries.” For this search, Google will return the names and addresses of stores near the individual. If your business is in the vicinity, and your keywords and content are not optimized, then you miss an opportunity.


Google has recently revamped its algorithm to provide location-specific search in order to display relevant results to the user. This way, local businesses are getting a boost. However, if you are not focusing wisely on the location, not targeting the right audience, not registered your business in Google’s My Business Page, or have failed to upload the right schema markup, then the loss is yours.

Go Mobile

Voice-Search is specifically mobile as users search for things from their smartphones or tablets. Having said this, experts believe that merging the mobile keywords with the regular keywords is an apt thing to do. SEO experts are now targeting the context of Voice Search rather than just the keywords in order to get the website displayed for a query.

Long-tail Keywords

Natural search using Voice is focused on pronunciation. Changed pronunciation will alter the spelling, and definitely the search engine will display different results. For instance, “Show me a picture of Prince of Wales”. Wrong pronunciation could also interpret as, “Show me a picture of Prince of Whales”. So, use long-tail keywords wisely to get relevant results.

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