Top 5 Killer Digital Marketing Trends to Watch out in 2018

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Author : Minds Metricks

December 21, 2017

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With the year 2017 slipping soon from our hand, all eyes are now placed to welcome the year 2018. 2017 saw the rise of some of the hottest trends with the launch of revolutionary products namely Google Home and iPhone X. Voice search is now preferred by users, over the traditional text-based search, and website managers need to be smart enough to harp on the trend, and amplify their business.

The year 2018 will surely be dedicated to voice search, but along with that, here are five other things that you should keenly keep a watch on:

AI revolutionizes search

Two decades back, the internet made a buzz and changed the way industries function. Today, the new buzz is Artificial Intelligence or AI; it is the biggest revolution since the internet in the world of digital marketing. With AI integrated search, emphasis is laid on creative ways of querying. As a result, marketing team needs to focus on changing the catchy one-liners for their products to interactive, personal dialogue-based communication. So, when it comes to web design professionals recommend the use of smart chat-bots, which is the next big thing to look out for.

Multiple Touch points

Gone are the days where we had the policy “one website serves all.” Nowadays, increasing number of internet users are not desktop-based, but smartphones-based. No matter how good and well-optimized your website is for desktop users, it is going to take a hit when it comes to mobile. So, it is expected to have different websites, and if possible a smartphone app, to cater to different audiences. This way when it comes to promotion of online business through paid channels and search engine optimization, a multi-channel strategy can be devised for the best results.

Go Social

Formal communication holds importance for brick-and-mortar stores, but on the internet, one needs to have a personal touch. To play the cards right, marketing experts emphasize on personalized interaction rather than static messages. And nothing aids them well than the social media platforms. With their rising popularity among the masses, social media platforms need to be heavily targeted to reach the right audience, and deliver the right message. And Social Engagement should not be restricted to clicks, but should include multiple touchpoints that include likes, shares, interactions, and eventually the leads or inquires a single post generated.

Go Virtual with Augmented Reality

This is an untouched terrain where even the seasoned marketing professionals tread cautiously. Why? Because the technology is new, its personal, and revolutionary. It is expected to change the face of Internet, and experts are looking at different means to harness it for business purpose.

Multi-format content

Blogs and articles don’t seem to fascinate the internet generation who have a very short attention span. To keep the interest up, multiple formats of content that include infographics, listicles, videos, and gifs, are required to be used. The expected result is surely evident with the rise in engagements, clicks, and the number of visitors coming to see the content. Why? Because its different and catchy, and seems to interest the audience.

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