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Author : Minds Metricks

February 25, 2018

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Web designs have always been the reason to build or break the online presence of a brand. Having said this, there are many web designs that are quirky to lure the audience, but not adequate to convert them into a lead. And then there are designs that are not so visually appealing, yet they are able to convert the audience largely.

On studying these websites, the first thing that we come to understand about conversion is that users don’t look for design but experience. They look at the ease of using the interface, and this is how UI or User Interface and UX or User experience come into the picture. Any web design who has worked on complex projects, will understand the importance of UI and UX in making brand websites. A design may be great enough to catch the eye of users, but it may not be efficient and effective due to lack of decent user interface. According to a report from Society of Digital Agencies, 77% of the agencies believed that poor UX is the weakness of their clients. Having said this, 39% of the people would not interact with the website if the images load late, and 38% will not engage if the content and layout is not attractive.

Having understood these facts, it is important to focus on the user interface and the experience it grants to the users. Our expert designers analyzed different websites and read through different articles only to shortlist the following top trends in UI and UX for the year 2018.

For the year 2017, personalization of websites was in the eye of many designers, and developers have been working for the same. What took the market by surprise was the introduction of Artificial intelligence and Virtual reality. Artificial intelligence gave us smart chatbots that helped users with query redressal and shopping assistance, which otherwise was difficult in case of an e-commerce store.  So, these were the UI/UX trends that captured the market in 2017. However, the feasibility was still a question when it came to its implementation, and not all the trends were readily welcomed by the designers and brands alike.


UI UX trends 2018
Image Source: Contact Point


The year 2018 opens door to fresh approach that begins with enhancing the UX while emphasizing on the UI. And so, we have the following trends in the industry.


Accessibility in UI UX
Image Source: Lynda

Accessibility of information and services is the prime motto of web designers around the globe. Having said this, usability engineering will be the next big UX trend in the market. While personal voice assistants such as Alexa and Cortana are already making a buzz in the market, they might not be friendly enough for common users. So, taking into consideration the use of smart technology and AI, chatbots on websites may be seen. But instead of just plain chatbots using chat interface, they are expected to enhance the user experience by providing guided tours of the websites, product demos through videos, and purchase assistance after understanding the user’s needs. This new use of technology is expected to increase the accessibility of information to users, thereby enhancing the product awareness and thus increasing chances of conversion.

Data-driven interfaces

Data Driven Interfaces
Image Source : Marvel App

Static websites are a thing of the past as the internet users have a voracious appetite to consume information. And having said this, quirky copies or lines are not just going to do the magic in 2018 to make the sale. The modern internet users are smart, and they seek information at every step of search, and having understood this need for information, it is recommended to have website that are data driven. It may be about technology used in products, its specification in details, or any other information related to the product that proves important as a comparison metric, data will take control of user’s way of looking at products. Any expert in digital marketing  has to offer will understand this basic fact of how information plays a vital role in marketing the products, and ecommerce and subscription-related websites must take this into consideration before putting up their offerings online. In fact, finance-related sites have already started using smart calculators to help users find the right products for them, all thanks to the skills of coders to develop data-driven websites.

Enhanced Navigation Panes that are Persona-driven

Enhanced Navigation Panes that are Persona-driven
Image Source : Awwwards

Analysis of user data is the need of the hour and having analyzed a variety of user patterns from large sample sets, the concept of Persona-driven website has come into existence. Gone are the days where a single ribbon of links in the top would be the primary navigation pane for the website. Today’s users are not just limited to desktop, but most of them are using hand-held devices such as smartphones or tablets. Having understood this, designers are busy with making responsive designs for websites. But these responsive websites do not have a single pane of navigation such as the typical websites. Instead, designers are now working on various ways to navigate the websites using different devices such that the user experience becomes easy and comfortable. And this is where Persona-driven websites that take into consideration the user’s navigation pattern have come into the picture.

Personalized Experience

Personal Customization
Image Source : UX Planed (Medium)

It all began with the social media websites offering customization features to the user interface, and it has wildly spread in the ecommerce industry with market leaders like Amazon personalizing the entire shopping experience for you. How? They do it right by analyzing your purchase patterns and provide the exact recommendations that will compel you to buy. How do they manage it? Well, a lot of data is collected in background with respect to your browsing habits, and this helps them sell better. The same is applicable to several subscription-based websites such as Netflix and Spotify, which are now enhancing the user experience for its subscribers by personalizing it.

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