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Author : Minds Metricks

October 21, 2018

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Quality Score is a gauge of the relevance and quality of your keywords,  landing pages, and PPC Ads. It determines the overall performance in the Ads auction process and Cost Click (CPC) of an Ad. Optimizing the quality score of your PPC campaign leads to potential benefits such as higher ad positions, reduced costs per click and higher prospects of ad extensions as well as other ad formats. The 3 factors determining the quality score include: (i). Click-through rate, (ii). Ads Relevance and the (iii). Landing Page Innovative ways to improve your quality score that are widely in use in the current PPC trends.

Improve the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) 

There are several measures you can take to improve CRT including: –

  • Matching of keywords:

Ensuring proper match of keywords which helps to trigger your ad when people search certain keywords which increase the number of clicks. Employing negative keywords will help you exclude unnecessary terms from your ad campaigns that only direct the wrong resulting in poor conversion rates. This helps concentrate resources on the keywords that nest the most relevant traffic.

  • Use of Sitelink Extensions:

We also recommend that you employ Sitelink Extensions. Sitelinks serve the purpose of adding more links to your ads that take people to particular pages on your website thus improving the CTR.

  • The wording of the ads:

In order to drive more people to click on your ads, it is absolutely vital for you to create compelling, relevant and effective text ads that deliver the right message. Compelling words easily entice users to click on the ads such as “get 20% offer”, “Black Friday discount on all products” etc.

  • Utilize the adds extensions:

Utilizing add extensions fully will also go a long way in amplifying your ads and giving people more reasons to click them. Extensions provide useful information regarding your business hence increasing your ad’s click-through-rate.

  • Increase your bid amount on best performing adds:

Increasing your bids after a thorough analysis of which keywords, time periods and locations are propelling your ad campaign to success will ultimately help to improve your ad ranking and improve Click-Through-Rate.

  • Review and test your campaigns:

Conducting A/B testing will help you to compare two variations of your campaign well in advance. This will help you to come up with a more compelling content that will help to improve the CTR.

  • Close link keywords and ads that directly related to your site:

The keywords you pick are utilized to demonstrate your ads to prospects. Ensuring relevance between the keywords and ads that directly relate to your website’s content which helps to increase the CTR.

Improve Ad relevance

It’s imperative to ensure that your keywords and ads are not only relevant but also directly related especially to your website’s content. New search terms with enormous potential should be added to the keyword list while those that are irrelevant should be added as negative keywords, a great practice being embraced in the latest PPC developments. It nets the relevant and most likely to convert traffic while keeping away traffic that is unlikely to convert irrespective of they keyword search.

You can use negative keywords at the Ad Group or Campaign level, but they would be most beneficial when used at the Campaign Level as they would apply to every Ad Group within that campaign. Single Keyword Ad Groups should be utilized to ensure your ads and Ad groups are relevant and drive only the targeted PPC traffic to your ads. Relevant ads have a better Click-Through-Rate, higher ranking and can significantly reduce your cost-per-click (CPC), saving you money. This will not only improve your Quality Score but will also significantly increase your chances of success. Too General Ad that misses the relevance mark:

Image Source: Hootsuite

A relevant Ad that is straight to the point:

Improve Landing Page

Improving the relevance of your landing page plays a crucial role in optimizing your Quality Score. You can improve your landing page relevance in several ways including

  • Optimizing the landing page loading time

You should ensure that you have the fastest possible landing page, clients are easily angered by slow loading landing pages and the chances of clients losing interest and closing off the page before even visiting it heightens. Some of the factors that slow the loading speed of a landing that should be avoided include making the pages too big, hosting your site on slow servers, Meta refreshes and slow/too many redirects.

Example of an error from a dead landing page
  • Your landing page should be simple to navigate:

Design your landing page well in a way that users easily and quickly find what they are searching for without having to waste time looking for content. Remove distractions and annoying pop-ups that may hinder the site’s ease of navigation.

  • Live landing page: 

Ensuring that the landing page is engaging, intuitive and compatible with different devices should be a key concern too. Add an explainer video for maximum conversion.

  • Use of eye-catching features: 

You should also use a conspicuous headline to attract prospect’s attention such as “Mega Sale on custom made shirts”, “Old Navy Shirts on Discount / customize yours” and “Buy A get B free”. Using attractive images and videos will help improve users experience too on your page. You should also define your USP clearly and make sure you provide a unique and compelling call-to-action (CTA) to your clients. If you use visual graphics such as Images and Videos label/describe them using appropriate text that allows search engines to locate your page.

Attractive Sales Google Shopping ads with pictures and Prices

Competitor Analysis 

Assessment of competitors is necessary to understand your competitor’s position, their strengths, and weakness in the utilization of particular keywords. This will enable you to come up with strategies that give you a competitive edge over your rivals improving your quality score search as turning the over competitive keyword into long-tail keywords. By comparing your performance with your rival you will also gain information to help you make strategic decisions about bidding.


This helps you to connect with people who have previously visited your web page. Remarketing enables you to reach your page/site visitors as they browse other websites by placing your ads along their way. This will help you to re-attract and drive these people to your site, eventually improving your Quality Scores.

Example of Remarketing on BBC Website

At Minds Metricks, we offer services in quality score improvement giving our clients real value for investment in ROI driven PPC advertising. Our quality score improvement experts are result oriented, well versed, and up to date to ensure they deliver the best quality score improvement services in Dubai.

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