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Author : Minds Metricks

February 18, 2018

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The internet has taken the world by surprise. Having said this, every person who is equipped with a computer or smartphone, will surely go to internet. Every day, thousands of websites get added on the internet, and various brands are shaped or shattered. Across the globe, the internet has given rise to over 1 billion websites, and in the rich market of UAE is no different. A recent study showed that there are around 9.2 million people in the UAE of which 91% are connected to the internet. And to cater to their needs, there are hundreds of websites and brands that are spurring to keep up with their needs. 

It is not easy to lure an internet user as the attention span of an average user is less than 8 seconds. So, any digital marketing company has to offer understands this fact, and accordingly devises strategies to markup their campaigns. And while doing so, the basic and the most important thing that they look at, or rather think is crucial for the success of the brand, is the website design. Website has the potential of making or breaking a brand in the long run when it comes to online marketing. Having said this, quirky web designs lure the users, making them stay on the website, and finally convert. So, if you are wondering which web designs trending are, and which web designs are completely dismissed by designers, then here is list collated by our experts. 

To begin with, lets understand designs that you should avoid. These designs are not loved, though they appear good. They are as follows:

Design Trends that we don’t love:

Loading Screens

In the earlier part of the article, we are acquainted with the 8-second rule associated with the attention span of the user. Well, this web design trend shuns the rule completely. Loading screens are those annoying boxes that show the progress of website being loaded. This is usually done when the website is packed full of surprises, or if it is heavy, and you do not wish to test the patience of the user. Although these loading screens do not last for over 2 seconds, they can still be annoying to designers and users across the world. Though a hated trend, it is a clever way to hide the page load time from the user artistically. When you are using this, make sure that the experience you offer after the wait is worth waiting.

Hidden Navigation

Ecommerce web design Dubai companies believe that HTML5 and CSS3 have changed the way web pages are designed and work. And to fuel the frenzy, JavaScript has evolved over time, making it easy for web developers to implement unique scripts and styles. One such unique style linked to the navigation of pages in a website is the hidden navigation bar. Though Windows Users have been acquainted with this feature long time back that the taskbar disappears when working and pop ups when the mouse pointer is hovered, we don’t know how well they will take it for the websites. Many HTML5 sites have hidden menus, which popup or disappear. You may consider it annoying because it can hamper your quick navigation.

Stark Contrast

Yes, screens with good contrast are good for reading in low light, but not when they are on websites meant to generate business or leads. Having said this, when designers use dark-themed designs for websites, they often miss the contrast element, causing catastrophic issues when it comes to reading the text.

Content Delays

A slideshow has every good reason for content delays which is better termed as timed content. But the same concept fails, or often irritates the users when it comes to websites. Who likes a website where content gets loaded leisurely? To overcome these creative fails, designers across the globe have also developed a few web design trends that you will love for sure. A few of them are listed as follows

Web Design Trends we love:

Responsive websites

One website fits all the screen – this is the new mantra of the designers when it comes to web development these days. Responsive websites come with liquid layouts that adjust the imagery and content to fit any screen size. Which means you have the same look and feel across all the devices. We love this trend for the flexibility it offers to the users.

Small animations

Yes, quirky animations have made a return from the past. Why, because they are quirky enough to retain users’ attention. Having said this, small animations made using JavaScript or GIFs are simply catching user’s eye. How? Because they can smartly convey the message which long lines of text may not. Plus, they add the element of fun to the brand.

Bold colors

Red, Green, Blue, Violet- the solid colors have made a dazzling appearance in the world of web. Websites themed using bold colors make for excellent online properties that convey the rightful message while keeping user’s interest. You may feel that the colors are too strong on the eyes, but they are very effective in putting across the brand message with ease. That’s why the bold colors have made a comeback.

Flat Designs

These are rare, but they are not dying. We got the taste of this design with Windows 8, and the Metro-styled block ruled the web for a while. But they are not completely out of the system. When it comes to bold designs that are clean and crisp, flat designs work the magic. And by engaging in a few taboos of gradients and shadows, the designers are ready again to lure the audience.

Asymmetric layouts

When you are offering a valuable service, and when the creative is going to make an impact on the content written, then it is time to balance the two with the asymmetric layout. Yes, these layouts are a rage among small websites and bloggers because it offers the perfect mix of highlight and engagement.

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