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Author : Minds Metricks

August 25, 2016

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Web designing is never static or constant because every day some new trend comes in and the old styles fade out. On several occasions, new trends are ushered in because of requirements like responsive web page designs and many other trends came in because there was a change in the principles of industry. The experts from web design and development companies in Dubai feel that over time the appetite of users has increased considerably and since a high influx of visitors on different websites is seen on a daily basis any new design will definitely become common in a very small time. Hence, there is always a need and opportunity for a reinvention of any website. So here is a little help from our side to tell you about some of the best trends that could give your website a new touch:

Nothing below the fold

Even though it has generally become a principle to not include anything below the fold, but if the website owner wants to present lots of interesting pieces of information and yet does not want to go below the fold, then there are multiple techniques that facilitates the same. First and the most common is to add pagination that is to divide all the sections into different pages, thereby eliminating the need for long sections. If the pieces of content are written properly and are engaging then the user will feel as if he or she is reading a story in a book and is going through different pages. Thus, there is no chance of getting bored. The second thing that could be done is to tell things in a short and concise manner through sliders or you can also use navigational links and place different pieces of content at multiple places, however the most popular website designs of SME’s in Dubai are reflective of the fact that this method will require a lot of prudence as you need to measure the appropriateness of placement and relevance of the content at different places.

Use your cards

The use of cards format or layout was initially introduced primarily by Pinterest. In the card layout you need to present all the information in a concise manner on small cards shaped chunks that are almost bite-sized. Each and every card is representative of one piece of information or consent. These cards which are mostly in the shape of a rectangle and could be very easily moved around and can be placed absolutely anywhere and this feature is not only extremely useful when bringing in changes in the design layout but also when the website is being viewed on different devices.

Hamburger menus

While until sometime hamburger menu was not as appreciated as it should have been because people could not conceive the idea of presenting the information under option. However, because of its usefulness, and the possible role that it could play in making a website cleaner, hamburger menus have rapidly become quite popular and will definitely headline the list of styles that are set to turn heads in the year 2016. Even though, it is widely brought in use even now, there are tons of things you can do to use the hamburger style of menu in a new and innovative way, by using the desired designs. However, you must show prudence when it comes to selecting the things that should be listed in the Hamburger menus. While normally, designers put everything inside the hamburger menu to make the overall appearance of the web page more sophisticated and sleek, it is always a better option to place things inside the menu selectively because if everything is placed inside the hamburger menu then there are high chances, that many of your target audiences might not even see what is inside the menu and then you will surely miss out on them. Hence, it is always a better idea to place the most attractive things outside the hamburger menu, adjacent to it and then place everything else, inside it. This way once the users see something of their interest, they will automatically click on the hamburger menu to know more.

Material style design

This style of designing has been introduced by Google and hence one can count on it that it will be good and effective like all Google products. The look and feel of material designs is characterized by images with sharp edges and deliberate and extensive use of white spaces. This will surely catch the attention of the users wherever they find it. In many ways, it is like adding 3-D touch to the normal flat design thereby rendering it some realism. It was primarily created by Google for the web and the mobile however, it is so catchy and popular that it is being brought in use in almost all kinds of design format. To add to it the shadow effect to the material designs gives the website a new feel and touch.

Use of geometric shapes accompanied by some bold colors

The year of 2016 is the perfect time to become totally flamboyant and stylish and this is not for personal style but for the styling of your website. This can be done by using different types of geometrical shapes for styling the webpage and putting in some bold and bright colors in the design. This will give extra effect to the 3D look and feel of the web pages and 3D is the way to move ahead because with the way things have grown in the past decade one should not be shocked to see totally 3D websites popping out of the screens in the near future. The use of geometric shapes can be brought at all sorts of places in a website from filling the background to making graphic elements for the purposes of illustration. While the use of geometric shapes was high, back in the 80s but since it was way ahead of its time, it usability was not as accepted as it should have been. However, in the year 2016 it is set to make its mark. Hence now that you are aware of the best design trends to follow in 2016, there should not be anything stopping you from making your website absolutely great. So let the renovation begin.

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