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Author : Minds Metricks

January 7, 2018

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With the onset of the internet age, even your local businesses are now going online, thereby catering to larger mass of audience. The transformation from brick-and-mortar properties to online store is significant, and almost every brand understands the need of online presence. However, not every company is large enough to have website hosted on their individual servers. Many of them may not have the budgets and the necessity to create or lease a dedicated server for web hosting.

Web experts, who are involved in multiple website creation project, say that when you do not have a dedicated server, or do not need one, you can always resort to prospect of shared hosting.

What is shared hosting?

It is a web service, provided by internet service providers, or private firms, where multiple websites reside on a company’s server such that each one has its unique space and identity online. In other words, it like leasing a small space on the server, instead of the entire server. This way, the cost of server maintenance, repair, and upgrade gets amortized among several customers, thereby making it an economical option.

What is cPanel Hosting?

Among the popular panels available in the shared hosting, cPanel hosting stands out. To begin with the technical aspects, cPanel hosting is a Linux-based web hosting that offers versatile control panel to the users. Unlike the typical hosting that involves coding and connections, this service simplifies the trouble of uploading the website, connecting to the database, and manage it online. In other words, the hosting is a boon to website owners, administrators has to offer.

What can be done with this hosting service?

This is a striking question which several developers ask when it comes to cPanel hosting. Those who select cPanel hosting as the preferred mode of hosting understand that several tasks such as management of FTP accounts, databases, accessing logs, over viewing statistics, etc. can be easily done with the service. You need not use a special terminal to access any of the service. As the name suggests, the panel is available to open and operate in a web browser, thereby simplifying tasks for all.

Apart from the basic tasks of hosting and managing databases, some of the advanced tasks such as addition of domain and sub-domains to the account, setup of email accounts, scheduling of cron jobs, and many more can be easily done. A few of the significant tasks that can be done are listed as follows:

FTP account Management using cPanel:

For those who understand the web, know that files cannot be emailed to the server. For transferring files, you will need an account that supports the File Transfer Protocol or FTP. cPanel hosting offers the utility of setting up an individual FTP account such that transfer of files to the online space becomes easy.

In simple terms, a FTP account is used to upload or download files directly from the server. You may transfer large files easily and directly to your website space, without having to worry about the limit that is usually associated with emails. Also, the account can be used to create additional accounts with variable permissions, as well as modify the existing accounts for permissions, folder configuration, and a lot more. Once you setup a FTP account, you may use the online FTP client to upload the files, or used terminal based applications such as Filezilla or SmartFTP.

Database Management using cPanel:

For those who run blogs or ecommerce websites, or plan to setup one, importance of having online database is understood. Having said this, setting up of database online is not an easy task, especially when there are so many connecting parameters involved. But this hassles are eliminated with the use of cPanel-based database management.

With the availability of open source database system such as MySQL, it has now become easy to setup a database. The provision of creating a new database or managing an existing one is now done with ease through cPanel. Database administrators can simply add users, allot permissions, decide access, or delete records easily through the window of cPanel.

Assess Server Logs and Statistics using cPanel:

Wondering how your website is performing over a while? Do you think it is time to upgrade the resources for website? Is the website eating too much resources? Do you wish to count the visitors? Well, you don’t have to fret much for all the above issues. cPanel hosting makes it possible for website owners to gain the latest information on their server. This includes the server usage stats that show the memory usage, CPU cycles, Server Load, and several technical parameters that help the web-master to decide what further steps can be taken. The access to all such stats and information is provided by the web hosting company. Also, at times, some cPanel are equipped with tools that analyze the visitors, keep a record of website errors, and track bandwidth usage.

File Management using cPanel:

Of the many useful utilities provided by cPanel, one important one is the ‘File Manager’. This is an effective tool to manage the files online. In other words, it is a graphical or GUI-based alternative to the typical FTP client. With the use of this utility, users can access their files online, upload new ones, download or modify existing ones, and change the file and folder access permissions. Advanced file managers also come with online editors that make it easy to open files and edit code. In other words, you do not need a web development IDE or environment to modify files, you can directly do them online.

Why Choose cPanel?

cPanel is a powerful control panel software for website owners when it comes to shared hosting. Apart from the fascinating GUI interface, it also caters to the need of advanced developers who prefer command-line interface. It is compatible with several Linux installations and allows you to enable dual-stack, IPv6, and other technologies with ease on your website. So, with such a versatile tool at hand, web hosting is now easy.

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