Why Mobile Friendly Websites Are Chosen Over Apps

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Author : Minds Metricks

April 23, 2019

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Both mobile friendly websites and apps are accessed through the use of devices such as tablets and phones. A mobile-friendly site consists of HTML pages that are optimized to provide users with ease of use as they adjust depending on the size of your screen or the layout that you are currently using.

A mobile app, on the other hand, is a downloadable application that is installed in a users mobile device. This can be through platforms such as App Store or Android market.Currently, mobile-friendly websites have gained popularity in their use over apps.  Mobile apps are generally developed for platforms such as IOS and Android App development.

Here are some of the reasons why people are choosing mobile-friendly websites over apps:

Mobile friendly sites drive two times a site’s traffic over apps

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This is based on a recent report by Morgan Stanley. This is based on the fact that a mobile site is better connected to diverse marketing activities that are inclusive of email marketing, SEO and SEM as well as affiliate marketing. In this case, clients are able to access diverse services across different devices and platforms. Another report indicates that 57% of traffic is generated from smartphones and tablets.

People do not need to download a website in comparison to an app

In comparison to apps, one does not need to download a website or even install it. This eliminates the need for extra storage space. It does not matter which operating system you are using, a mobile-friendly website will work with any smartphone.

They are less expensive in comparison to apps

In comparison to apps, you do not need to build different websites to cater for different devices. Maintenance costs are also very low and SEO is much easier.

A mobile-friendly website is easy to update

This is not the same case for apps that usually have periodic updates and newer versions all the time. With websites, sometimes users do not even know when an update is happening. It is also a lot cheaper to update a site in comparison to a mobile app. This makes it better for any given business as the process saves them on cost.

They increase SEO and brand visibility

A mobile optimized site is better ranked in search engine results in comparison to sites that are not optimized. Having a site that ranks well on search engines translates to your business gaining more visibility while drawing business to your site.

People across the world use mobile devices

Innovation saw the need for mobile devices that have been embraced across the world. People currently use their mobile devices to purchase items online as well as conduct searches for different things they need to look up on the internet. People are always looking for easier ways to conduct their business online. A mobile-friendly website, in this case, comes in very handy. It has become very important for businesses to ensure that they are optimized for mobile because the other option is to lose business to their competition.

It is easier to reach your clients

Having a mobile-friendly site means that anyone who is performing a search can easily access your products and services. A search does not need your clients to have the exact URL in order to find it, as long as you are well optimized on any search engine, this gives your clients the opportunity to find you. Clients also do not want to go through the hustle of navigating a site that does not give them easy to use options. As for apps, this is not the same as it requires one to download the app first.

It is easier to build credibility with your clients and customers

A mobile-friendly site allows people who visit to have a great experience. This sets you apart and you gradually gain the confidence of your clients and customers who will view your site as a good place to get credible information and resources such as products and services that meet their needs.

Ease of use

Source: Htmlfx

A mobile-friendly website also allows for ease of use and clients get to be served with their immediate needs easily.


Building a mobile-friendly site is extremely important in an age where two thirds of the  population is using devices such as smartphones. A mobile-friendly site will not only enhance your user’s experiences on your site but it also draws traffic to your site.  It is also cost-effective in terms of building and maintenance which can save your brand on unnecessary costs. Depending on the brand however as well as what your short term and long goals are,  the budget at hand and your target market you can decide to have both a mobile-friendly website as well as an app. They are both a good marketing strategy and you only need to figure out what you need.

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