Why Social Media has Become an Integral Part of any Online Campaign

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Author : Minds Metricks

October 9, 2016

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Almost five years back merely by having a website, you could have got good success for your website, however, switch to 2016 and owning a good website is nowhere good enough to even support your business. Only if you have a strong plan for social media marketing along with a good website can you sustain your business and reap the most out of all the opportunity present. The social media companies in Dubai clearly stood out at the inception from the rest of the world as they led the social media revolution and showed the world how much can be accomplished from the social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook which until now was only used for the purposes of staying in touch with friends and other personal purposes. Social media marketing has clearly come a long way from being a kind of optional marketing tactic to something that is extremely crucial and has lots to offer. One of the biggest leaders in digital marketing, Hub spot clearly showed why social media marketing has become the most important part of marketing when they presented the data that about 92% of the marketers have said that social media marketing was the spine of all of their marketing operations back in the year 2014. In two years time this trend has grown all the more. The data also stated that about 80% of the traffic is a direct result of social media marketing. Another trust worthy source of authentic data Social Media Examiner has quoted that about 97% of marketers make sure to participate in social media marketing, but they also pointed out that 85% of the users are not exactly sure about why and how to use different tools of social media and that they show constant reluctance to know more. So here is list of factors that will show you why exactly social media has become an integral part of any online campaign. Better brand recognition Any of the popular platforms of social media can play a very pivotal role in making a brand become extremely popular and a household name. There are more websites in the web world than a single person can count and it becomes increasingly difficult to promote a website solely on the back of search engine optimisation methods, however social media platforms can take you, your website and your brand directly into the Smartphones of people and in their private spheres, thereby holding a potential to make a business extremely popular. With a proper social media marketing scheme recognisability factor will increase among the new customers and the old ones, thereby ensuring their loyalty. You may find new investors after he or she sees your brands continual online presence on different networks.

Increased sales

With social media marketing you can ensure constant presence in front of your target customers and thus you can most certainly increase the sales of your product and your services. You can also give different kinds of incentives to attract more number of customers. For example if you are a seller of coupons, you can give an incentive like all the twitter followers can get better coupons or the members of your website can get more coupons, you will suddenly see an increased number of subscribers. In addition to this having lots of followers on social media sites will show other users that you are infact the real deal, so to speak and that you must be offering something good that has led you to getting so many followers, and they will automatically get attracted to your company.

Better leads

Every time you have a viewer of your update or a follower you have a prospective lead that you can then turn into a customer. Even something as small as a like or a comment or a share on a simple blog could be converted into a customer and this way it becomes easier for you to find more customers as compared to waiting for the customers to somehow stumble across your website.

A level playing field

The internet era has ushered in a new age of internet entrepreneurs because unlike the brick and mortar world wherein the person with more money can quite easily get more ads and thus more customers, in the internet world it is more about your ingenuity and grabbing the opportunities rather than just money and the social media is the biggest proponent of it all. To attract more and more customers, you need to make attention grabbing methods that will spread your brands name across the cyberspace.

Totally free of cost

About 90% of the social media marketing operation is free of cost and that is more than what you need to spread the word around about your company in a big way. If you compare it to a public relations agency or any other marketing company then you would be flabbergasted to know that you can save around 10000$ of moneyon a monthly basis if instead you decided to go with simple social media marketing methods. However, even if it is free you need to know about many different things in order to become successful in social media marketing. 

Get to know of problems and suggestions

Last but by no means the least, with the help of an online campaign with social media you can get to know a lot about the different problems your target audience is facing in your product or service and this gives you a chance to know what all things you need to improve in your product. Apart from this there might be many recommendations and suggestions that your current customers or other people might be offering that you may use in your policies at a later date. Hence now that you have been educated with the importance of social media websites, do not procrastinate from giving everything you have got to your social media marketing plans. To know about how to make your own social media marketing campaign plan watch this video shared by Columbia Business School at Bright Brands Innovation Technology.

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