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Author : Minds Metricks

June 10, 2019

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Most businesses think very little of SEO. People are looking for quick results without focusing on building the business to last for a long time. SEO can also provide fast results to help build your brand presence, rankings, reputation, and sales. Here’s a full list of why you need SEO and why you need to start with SEO.

Here are 19 reasons why you need SEO

1. SEO Is Good For Your Customers

Consumers more than all like to navigate well-structured sites and find useful information online. That is why a site that is good for the consumer is also good for the business. SEO with a good design website helps create an informative and useful site versus a site that looks pretty. SEO is all about providing relevant information to your customers, and without knowing what that is, you are not catering to the customer. Even a good web design can hurt your SEO.

2. SEO Improves User Experience

Google is constantly improving and developing its algorithms, to provide good and enjoyable consumer experience. Search engines want their users to find the information they need with as few clicks as possible. So sites that seek to get a good position on the search engine results pages ultimately deliver a high-level consumer experience, which is the optimal business and branding option. Search engine crawlers crawl your site first before ranking your site, helping them understand your site structure and process will make it easier for them to understand how well your site has been built for the user.

Source: Htmlfx

3. SEO Facilitates on Mobile Search

Today people are always online via mobile and are looking for information about everything that excites them anytime and anywhere, from a new restaurant to dinner to encyclopedic facts. Thus, mobile access and consumer experience are becoming more and more important.

Prior to mobile-first indexing initiative, search engines provided SEO optimization like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Mobile is top priority for search engines and not optimizing your site for mobile will make a huge impact on your organic traffic.

Today, your site does not appear on the first page if it is not optimized for search engines. Having a mobile responsive web design and making sure that an SEO checklist is in place, your site will rank better.

In addition, thanks to local SEO, people in your area will find your business easier, which will transform into more visits, emails, calls, direct online purchases, or other forms of engagement with what you do.

4. SEO is About Quality Content on Your Site

You might have a different definition of what quality content should be, in comparison to what Google, like any other search engine, defines it as. The architecture and design of your site is still important as well as its technical part, but if you do not deliver the quality content that consumers are looking for, they even created a content quality guideline for you to follow. They researched, analyzed with millions of data to understand what quality content should be. So, fundamental SEO practice is content optimization.

5. SEO is the Only Effective Tool That Ranks You on the First Page

Besides PPC, you won’t get far in attracting new customers. With PPC, you pay for each click, but with SEO, you invest in ranking your site so that you get a constant flow of traffic. Doing keyword research and understanding how each keyword can bring traffic can help you expand your business growth. Focusing on the main top-level keyword isn’t going to help. You need to dive deeper to see what will reap the best rewards when it comes to the constant and consistent flow of traffic that you can get for a very long time. SEO content strategy is very important.

6. SEO Increases Traffic, Engagements, and Conversions

The fact that search engine optimization brings higher traffic to your site compared to any other traffic is a fact. The best part of SEO is that this method focuses on higher value and the results (better-optimized site, better link profile, etc.) do not disappear over time. Thus, search engine optimization not only brings more clicks and views to your site here and now, but also greater engagement, as users find it useful and enjoyable, and are happy to turn around and trust it over and over again. Your organic traffic also converts as Direct traffic when people start trusting your business. And engaged users are more likely to become customers. So just a few months with SEO leads to a higher conversion rate.

7. SEO is a Cost-Effective and Long-Term Investment

Everything comes down to return on investment (ROI). SEO also takes precedence over other options as it is a relatively inexpensive method. And the best news is that stopping once to invest in SEO, what is done will remain and will continue to work for your business. While search engine optimization definitely requires persistence, end results are visible for years. If you create an article without researching and coming up with a content strategy, you are wasting your money and the time. SEO is about identifying the market better, what is converting well, how are competitors getting sales from specific content. Without deep diving and developing a strategy, you’re only spraying and praying for results. Also, new SEO initiatives like voice search SEO is easily implemented, if proper SEO is done on your site. If Google wants to implement new initiatives, they launch these based on the current SEO implementation

8. SEO is What Your Competitors are Doing

If you ignore what your competitors are doing, you’ll have no competitors because they will have overtaken you by now If you don’t implement SEO, then you will not have any chance of gaining potential customers just because you don’t take advantage of one of the best marketing techniques. There’s a process to ranking number one:

Identify your competitors to see what they are doing

Do a better job than them

Become a leader in the industry once you pass their strategy

9. SEO is Better than PPC ( Pay Per Click)

SEO optimization is profitable in the long run, while PPC advertising has a short-term effect. While you pay – your ad appears on Google when you stop paying, it disappears.

You still want to do PPC advertising, because of the power and it’s appropriate when you launch a new product or a campaign, landing pages, because it is difficult to achieve quick results through SEO.

Web site optimization is a long-term investment that leads to attracting traffic, establishing and enforcing a brand, building an online real reputation, and connecting with users and potential customers.

Research shows that search engine optimization carries approximately 20 times more traffic than paid ad (PPC). However, statistics show that 87% of their budget, site owners invest in PPC, against only 11% for SEO. Here are more stats from WebFX:

SEO Stats

  • 93% of online experiences start with search engines
  • 70% of clicked search results are organic
  • 14.6% of all SEO leads close (as opposed to 1.7% of outbound leads)
  • Google fields more than one trillion searches per year
  • 89% of marketers say SEO is successful


PPC Stats

  • PPC visitors are 50% more likely to buy than organic visitors
  • 65% of all high-intent searches result in an ad click
  • Search ads increase brand awareness by as much as 80%
  • 32% of companies use PPC to sell products directly to consumers
  • On average, businesses earn $3 for every $1.60 spent on AdWord

10. SEO is Live 24/7

Even while you are sleeping or offline, search engine optimization continues to drive business to your site. While PPC, can be turned off at any time.

24/7 means that you will stretch your investments longer and more efficiently than paid ads

11. SEO Will Help You Improve Your Blog Traffic.

As your blog is ranking more and more on the search engine pages, a few things will happen.

Google will rank your site better and your traffic will increase. And more traffic means more engagements. Expanding your keyword research and creating contents for all types of buyers journey will help you convert better and increase the number of keywords to rank for.

You might think that your blog won’t convert better and you rather have your service pages ranking no.1. But creating a blog without SEO first in mind won’t get you the results you need. User intent and providing that solution to people is how you can convert your traffic from your blog to sales.

12. SEO WIll Help You Improve Your Social Media Presence

As your customers are visiting your blog or website, it’s very likely for them to search for a social media link to follow you. A good SEO strategy will generate huge traffic to your social media pages.

13. Conversion of Visitors to Customers

SEO is not just about increasing visitors to your website. This means converting visitors to your business customers by applying different optimization techniques. SEO can help you target different conversion, from different buyers journey. Whether your focus is having people look for web design agency, to rebuild your website, to find reviews for the best web design agency near you. SEO is about targeting specific journeys

14. Link Building SEO

The presence of links that lead to your site remains one of the best practices for achieving a high rating. One thing you need to remember when implementing a link building strategy is that the quality of the links that link to your site is more important than the number. Search engine crawlers will most likely crawl your site and frequently if they detect your URL on other sites. The more you build out links to point back to your site, the more relevant your site becomes. Making sure that the backlinks are relevant to your niche and provide contextual references to help crawlers understand and define your site. With that in mind, your link building plan should focus on sites that have authority in the eyes of Google.

15. Search Engine Optimization WIll Make Your Website More Secure.

SEO will make your site safer for your visitor because with the bigger traffic you will have more finance to invest in the security of your website. This is a very important factor for the big companies which are targeted by cybercriminals every day. Safer website is equal to the best user experience.

It also makes your customers feel secure that you are the top expert in your industry. SEO is not about cheating your way to the top. People who are looking for answers are looking for the best answer. They will feel more secure if your page is ranking number 1 versus page 10.

16. SEO Make Your Vistors More Informed About Your Business.

The main source of traffic for most of the websites are search engines like Google. Google, for example, helps customers to research whatever they need. Understanding what information you should provide, what pages or article you should create and how to best provide that information is critical. And based on that research the customer can make a decision on the available options. And if your website is placed on one of the top positions on Google Search that means a lot more informed potential clients.

17. SEO Will Help You With Your Email Subscribers

Building an email list is crucial to your business. It helps increase the lifetime value of customers, helps with conversion based on the buyers’ journey and provide educational materials for your customer. If you have implemented an e-mail newsletter to your website, SEO can help you with that too. As your site is getting higher ranks in the search engines you can expect more subscribers to your email newsletter.

18. SEO Will Increase the Speed of Your Website

If you only focus on Web Design, you need to make sure to add SEO to your web development. Having SEO in mind you will eventually improve the loading speed of your website. Optimizing your site with SEO means that your potential customers won’t leave your site for your competitors

19. In Conclusion

SEO is about listening to your users and understand what they really want,. Mapping out from keyword research and connecting that to specific user intent and help them understand what they are trying to ask. SEO is also about providing the best content possible, along with, helping crawlers understand the content better to provide the user with the most relevant answer possible.

Here in Dubai, we provide SEO services that can help maximize your digital marketing level. Leaving nothing to chance and maximizing your ROI as long as possible. One article, one page, one technical element of SEO, can continue to bring you more business.

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