5 Top Web Designing Trends for 2018


5 Cutting-Edge Web Designing Trends in 2018

5 Cutting-Edge Web Designing Trends in 2018

Posted BY : Minds Metricks

23 Apr 2018

The internet has evolved rapidly since its inception, and this is because of a variety of technologies being used to develop numerous websites and web properties. Web designing brought a paradigm change in the way information is communicated, and constant innovation with respect to making the website user-friendly, creative, and innovative have given us some of the finest trends in the industry.

Each year, Web developers Dubai and the rest of the world has to offer brings forth design ideas that evolve into trends, owing to their acceptance, popularity, and relevance. To keep you updated with these trends and design styles, we have put forth five trends that will be poised in 2018.

1.  Drop shadows and depth

Shadows have been used in the past and are a staple of web design. But with the evolution of graphics, you can see several new styles, and their adaptability across web browsers make them an exciting pick. Available in wonderful variations, integrated with grids and parallax layouts, these are the finest brain child designers across the globe who tend to create an immersive illusion using the magic of shadows. Shadows add versatility to the design, improve the aesthetics of the page, and enhance user experience. When combined with vibrant colour gradients, the appeal seems to be multiplied.

2. Vibrant and saturated colour schemes

2018 is the year dedicated to the use of diverse colours. The concept of safe colours for the web has delineated as web designers become more courageous to approach colours with a new zeal. And their zeal has let them to include super-saturation and vibrant shades in the palette. Headers of designs are no longer vertical and black but have been completely re-imagined with slashed and hard angles to create billboards that convey messages upfront. The use of modern technology has also helped reproduction of vibrant colours on the screen. With this vibrancy and richness of colour palette, designers are set to influence the masses.

3. Particle backgrounds

Gone are the days where animation was only meant for high-performing machines. With websites that stream videos, backgrounds with particles add a subtle appeal. Unlike the other graphics, these are a smart variation of JavaScript playing magic at its best. The script allows seamless integration into the background and give a catch backdrop to the images. The particle effect works best when you wish to put solid messages across to the audience. This attracts user attention, and thus said to create memorable impression. Paired with motion graphics, the duo make for some compelling graphic-combo for the web.

4. Mobile first

Its official now, Mobile first is the new mantra of the web. With the rising penetration of smartphones and tablets, internet is now active on handheld devices than on desktops. And so designers need to adapt to this platform change to attract the masses. Unlike the past, where mobile design was clunky with a simple menu, today’s design have UX modified to the best. Responsive designs have caught user attention, and they have become the latest trend along with fluid graphics.

5. Custom illustrations

Illustrations are said to be great when it comes to creating images that are friendly and fun. Experienced artists create illustrations that have an identity of their own. Though the trend is the best for business communication, it adds a dose of fun and charm to the website. In short, it is best to use it to connect with today’s generation.

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