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5 Web Design Best Practices to Follow in 2018

5 Web Design Best Practices to Follow in 2018

Posted BY : Minds Metricks

21 Apr 2018

Web designing is an industry that is constantly driven by creativity and innovation. It is the industry wherein you get to see new designs that go ahead to become trends. Web designers across the globe are known to bring forth great designs that are just the best for thousands of different businesses and purposes. While there are lovely, innovative and highly-functional websites on one side, there also exist tons of overdone websites that are nowhere good looking or appealing.

When it comes to playing with design and code, we at Minds Metricks, a leading Dubai web design company that specializes in UI/UX and web design, have brought forth the best practices of web design in 2018. They are as follows.

Focus on Your Target Audience

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A successful website is not just a lovely piece of work but a portal that attracts your target audience, giving them the information on services and products they need, and compelling them to buy and convert into a new client. A common mistake that we can see among designers is that they focus on the target audience at the beginning of the design process, but neglect them as the design comes to finalization. Always keep your target audience in front before you make any changes to the design, layout or the graphics.

Keep consistency in Branding

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Website design that lack consistency when it comes to how the brand is presented, are quite confusing to understand. Such unpredictability of branding does not convey the right message across to the users. A disproportionate or randomly placed logo, unclear navigation setup, long registration process, all these factors influence the branding, and can affect the effectiveness of the website. To maintain consistency through branding and communication, always use the set or agreed upon brand colours, logos, and messaging across all pages.

Have Simple Layout but not simplistic one

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Simplicity in design speaks a lot than a website that is flashy and complicated. Simple websites are known to deliver good performance as compared to the sophisticated ones which often leave the ordinary people confused. So emphasis should be laid on keeping the graphics clean and neat, layouts to be simple and free-flowing, and the focus should be set on the CTA and messaging, rather than other design elements. All this will engage the user strongly.

Have clear and strong CTAs

Related image

The main objective of a website is to attract the target audience. And this is best done with clear messaging and striking CTA. However, if a website tends to have multiple messaging options, the users, though enticed, will be unclear about the purchasing decision, and often you may end up losing a convert. Whether the goal is to entice or educate the user, you should always have a distinct and clear CTA with a  strong message that compels to conversion.

Use High Quality Graphics and Vectors

Image result for high quality graphics

A picture does speak a thousand words only when it is placed in the right context. Remember, you are attracting the target audience for conversion and not just for compliments, and accordingly you need to build the images and graphics that increase the overall aesthetic sense of the website. Along with that, ensure that these graphics are compatible across all devices, owing to the rise of mobile internet users.

So, these are five best practices for web designing to follow.

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