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Best Uses of Gamification in Web Design

Best Uses of Gamification in Web Design

Posted BY : Minds Metricks

05 Mar 2018

We as children loved games, but the liking for games has not kept us back, even when we have grownups. The same applies to the concept of Gamification, which has been around the corner so long enough that web design experts have started using the same in websites too. The concept of Gamification is not just about entertainment, but it is more about the entertainment-based engagement.

A study suggests that 80% of learners are more productive with gamification, 61% of top CEOs, CFOs, and managers take game breaks, the gamification market is estimated to be $5.5 BN in 2018 with over 350 companies having launched gamification projects.

Having understood the vast potential in this concept, any web design Dubai company will be interested in implementing gamification in web designs and apps. To begin with, web designers have already started putting game-like features and mechanics in UI elements for engagement. So, to understand the best uses of gamification, here are a few illustrations.

Role playing

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We have all been inclined towards roleplaying at some point of time in our lives, and the games that do the same are quite popular among masses. Well, roleplaying takes a new form on website when a persona of yourself is created, and each activity you perform adds points to the persona. For instance, the website ‘Habitica’ that emphasizes on developing good habits in individuals while kicking away bad habits, simply works on the principles of gamification. For every good habit, the persona gets points, while bad habits deduct few. And with points comes gratification as well.

Object Finding

To stoke our curiosity since childhood, we have been engaging in quests and object-finding games. And finding an object after a long search seems to be an accomplishment for us. The same principle goes in today’s website wherein engagement is built with curiosity. ‘Zurb’ is yet another website that simply works on the concept of finding cows on the website. The idea here is to express how creatively web designs can be done.


It is the competition that keeps us at our best, performing and moving ahead. And for some people, competition is what they eat and breathe. Having said this, why not ask the users to compete against each other? The best example is LinkedIn wherein the users get points for encouragement and endorsement received on their profile, and the best profile is viewed first. Each endorsement upgrades your profile and thus your social standing gets elevated on LinkedIn. The result is that industry experts and like-minded people notice you first, and this opens gates for new opportunities. This is the reason why LinkedIn has become one of the popular social networks lately.


Image result for Quizzes online games

Sometimes we are too lazy relaxing on weekends that we tend to solve quizzes to give our minds some boost. Having said this, quizzes have been around the corner for quite some time, be it the education system or the entertainment section. So why not have the same on websites. Many companies with website design service Dubai has to offer, are now harvesting on the concepts of quizzes. They not only generate engagement, but are also effective enough to get the relevant audience.


This is a targeting gamification approach for a selected crowd such as explorers. The whole idea here is to educate the users, and this is best done when we have a certain platform with necessary tools present. The idea here is to simulate the experience through the platform, and thus achieve engagement in the long run. Platforming works best for education websites, hence, it is an effective gamification method when the objective is to spread information or educate masses.

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