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DesOps – The Revolutionary Way To Design

DesOps – The Revolutionary Way To Design

Posted BY : Minds Metricks

28 Feb 2018

Web designing is the need of the hour with over 1 Billion websites running on servers around the globe. There have been around 3.6 million web portal users in UAE alone, with over 8.35 million-page views. This humungous number does tell the need for websites, and the blooming digital industry.

Website development service in Dubai, unlike the app or other development service, is based on the same principles of standardizing the design process. And this is where DesOps comes into the picture. DesOps is a process that aims at unifying development processes when it comes to design such that greater efficiency with respect to talent and resource utilization is achieved. Many companies around the globe have started using this practice for standardizing designs and improving the throughput.

Here is how you use DesOps in any web design company Dubai has to offer

Develop criteria for completed design

There needs to be a tight sync between the design and development team when it comes to development of dynamic websites. Having said this, designers must know when to pass the design to the developers and start working on the next frame. And for that, clear understanding of assets and resources is needed. For the same, it is recommended to develop some criteria for design. With the common points of friction being addressed, conflicts reduce, and a steady pace of development is possible.

Define the design and delivery requirements

How will the developer know what the designer must convey? Mockups, polished designs, mood boards, etc. are required to do the same to effectively convey the intentions. While Zeplin and InVision are good tools for conveying the message, but they are not efficient at times to provide everything that a designer and developer needs. To address the same, create an internal document containing technical requirements for assets, design tools, collaboration with the development team, and the need and delivery of designs.

Develop a Design System

We understand that a set of designs and engineering solutions work at the advantage of designers for simpler and faster implementation of projects. The same templates can be useful to onboard new members to the team. With the design system in place, new members can easily be acquainted with the practice, thereby delivering quality work, while reducing the delays and overheads in the web design process. Secondly, with the design system in place, it becomes easy for the designers and the developers to communicate effectively.

Select and Monitor the use of Tools

There are thousands of tools launched and available in the market at the aid of designers. Having said this, different tools have a variety of features, some common, and some unique. However, if each designer starts using his own set of tools, then it will become a problem for the design team to co-ordinate and convey the right message to the development team. Hence, standardization in the design process is required, and this is done by selecting a fixed number of tools, monitoring the usage, and restricting the team from using additional tools. This will remove the conflicts in the design process, thereby improving co-ordination between teams, and boosting the development process.

Plan Version Control

We know how important Version Control in the development end is, but the same applies to design as well. Designs may change with requirements, so it is necessary to have version control, just to go back, and retrieve certain features or other vital information, if needed, for future versions of the same design. Version control improves team’s efficiency when it comes to fast development.

Set Measurable indicators

Indicators are required to know the changes made or done. It helps in assessment. Having said this, it is essential to set design metrics and indicators to map progress and change.

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