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Google Algorithm Updates and Their Impact On SEO

Google Algorithm Updates and Their Impact On SEO

Posted BY : Minds Metricks

25 Nov 2017

The main intention of search engines like Google is to return the most relevant result for a search query to the user. And in order to achieve the same, Google is known to constantly update its search engine algorithm. While the real algorithm used by the search engine still remains a mystery for internet users and specialists alike, but the factors that influence it are known to a few. Study of these parameters and factors influencing the search engines forms the backbone of SEO.

From SEO perspective, it is important to keep a watch on Google’s Algorithm updates meant for bettering user expereince. Here are a few updates which an SEO expert should be aware of:


Image result for google caffeine update

This is an update to the previous PageRank web indexing system; using it Google provides 50% fresher results. The Caffeine update was rolled out to enhance the search engine for better indexing, greater speed, and relevant search results.  The update focuses on keywors to make the relevant results appear faster.


Image result for google panda update

This update affected the rankings and traffic of websites. Post this update, sites with lower quality, irrelevant or stuffed content were blocked. The update focused on content quality, as user experience was planned to refreshed with fresh and unique content.


Image result for google Penguin update

This update was rolled out to demote websites that used prohibited or Black Hat SEO techniques. Sites with improper links and keyword stuffing were penalized.


Image result for google emd update

Exact Match Domain update was intended to remove spammy websites with wrong content. The update focused on URL structure and relevance of it to the webpage. So web development in Dubai using SEO friendly techniques came into picture.


Image result for google pigeon update

This is a local search engine update aimed to increase the rank of local businesses. The update considers parameters such as location and distance, and emphasizes local listings through integrated web and map search.

Humming Bird

Image result for google Hummingbird update

This update made Google smarter with respect to understanding search queries.  The update focuses on understanding the meaning of query rather than plain keyword mapping. With this update, Google emphasized high quality, original, structured content, thereby making SEO in Dubai revolve around content.

Rank Brain

Image result for google rank brain update

This is an enhanced version of the Humming Bird update that uses AI to understand search queries, and accordingly return intelligent results.


So these are a few SEO updates to consider for web development and SEO in Dubai.  Following the updates, and making the necessary changes will surely help your website rank better.

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