Few Questions to Ask When Designing an Ecommerce Website in Dubai


Few Questions to Ask When Designing an Ecommerce Website

Few Questions to Ask When Designing an Ecommerce Website

Posted BY : Minds Metricks

13 Dec 2017

With the world taking to internet, it may be said that the end for brick-and-mortar stores is approaching fast. Day after day, the race to lead on the digital front is becoming highly competitive, and you may find several brands building or losing steam on the internet.

When it comes to Dubai, the shopping capital of the world, brands have already setup stores and are successful. However, with the rising impact of internet, it has become imperative for them to have e-commerce websites that offer digital catalogs and buying options.  So before you look for a company that does agile e-commerce development in Dubai, here are a few questions to ask.

What should be my store design?

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If your company has an existing website and brand communication in place, then the e-commerce store will just follow the brand guidelines of the same. However, if you plan to begin from scratch, then you will have to start from designing the logos, colour themes, backgrounds, accents, and a lot of creatives to give the store an appealing look.

What technology should I use?

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Whether you have a website or not, ecommerce technology is chosen on the feasibility of the business. If the scope of your business is less, with fewer products in the catalogue, experts would suggest the use of open-source technology. However, for huge websites, with multiple products and genres, it is best recommended to use a professional e-commerce cart, or develop a system that will take care of the business needs.

How will my customers pay?

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For small websites, use of Pay Pal is recommended. It’s a global payment platform for small businesses. They have attractive packages, if you do not wish to pay a 2.9% transaction fee after every order. Also, depending on the locality, you may opt for different payment gateways; these are offered by banks and many other companies. You just need to search the right one.

How will I connect with Customers?

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Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, connecting with customers is a tad difficult on the ecommerce front. But with the use of online chatbots, CRM tools, chats, email, and a helpline number, you can welcome the audience 24×7.

How will I put up the products?

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Every ecommerce system varies with respect to functionality, but the common things that it carries incudes space for product descriptions and images. Having said this, you will surely need the help of content writers who are known to write quirky copies that will simply attract your customers. But to incite that interest, relevant and appealing product images will play a big role. So get ready to have a designer on-board.

How will I Attract Shoppers?

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This is a big question faced by all the ecommerce website owners, whether big or small. For the same, you are required to do promotions, invest in SEO, drive traffic using paid medium, and of course have a strong media presence. Only through multiple channels will you be able to attract traffic, and accordingly generate leads.

These are a few questions that you may consider before launching your business online.

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