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Infographic: Things to Consider When Developing Website

Infographic: Things to Consider When Developing Website

Posted BY : Minds Metricks

19 Jun 2018


Every business in today’s world needs a website, it is not an option anymore. It is a must have thing in today’s internet dominated world. They are the single most important part of digital real estate for any company. Social media pages are important, but the ultimate goal of any social media page is to bring the visitors to the website. Just having fully functioned website is not enough, the website should rank on the search engine results for users to click and come on the website. Therefore, it becomes critical that the website is delivering best user experience to the users and good conversion rate making profit for the company.

The aim of every website is to give the best user experience to the users and make them marketers for the website. Alas! Its not that easy. Website design that meets the goal of the company requires planning, strategy and right execution. Websites are now the face of the company. One need to design the website keeping target audience in mind and also making sure that website communicate the message that brand needs to give.

One need to answer questions such as what will be the domain name, where will be the website hosted, what colors will the website have etc. Below is the infographic that covers all such questions and more on what one must keep in mind while and after designing website.

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