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What is Ecommerce?

Electronic Commerce (shortened as e-commerce) is the trading of goods and services over the electronic medium, mainly over the internet. The online trade is made possible by e-commerce websites which facilitates transactions.

Today E-Commerce websites are essential to businesses because ratio of consumers preferring online shopping to physical shopping is also on the rise hitting over 67% of the millennial.

Major Reasons Making E-commerce a Preferred Choice:

  • Efficiency
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • A wide variety of goods/services
  • Global Reach
Ecommerce Web Design Dubai

Businesses are turning to e-commerce due to the ability of the websites to be customized to maximize profit. With the right e-commerce website, a business has a higher chance of making more profit. The e-commerce website gives a business multiple avenues of generating revenue including:

  • Sales of own and other people’s products/services
  • Sale of content
  • Payment for subscriptions
  • Leasing space for adverts and income from ads
  • Income from sponsors
  • Affiliate Partner's support

E-Commerce websites in Dubai are on the rise mushrooming day by day and consumers are embracing the tide because of its conveniences

Types of E-commerce Websites

E-commerce websites can be categorized based on their characteristics as:

  • Business-to-BusinessB2B

  • Business-to-ConsumerB2C

  • Consumer-to-ConsumerC2C

  • Consumer-to-BusinessC2B

  • Business-to-AdministrationB2A

  • Consumer-to-AdministrationC2A

The Types of E-Commerce Platforms

Starting an e-commerce website today is an easy task and numerous e-commerce platforms have mushroomed. As a result, the demand for the e-commerce solutions has risen and we, Minds Metricks have stepped up to cater to that ever growing ecommerce demand in Dubai.

There are two main categories of e-commerce platforms:

  • The managed or hosted e-commerce platforms and
  • The CMS-based or self-hosted e-commerce platforms

The Top 10 CMS Based E-Commerce Platforms Are:-



Magento is considered the leader in the industry with some of the best solutions even for some of the most complicated e-commerce websites. The platform is powerful with a diverse range of functions and features. However small businesses usually have difficulties coping with its cost and advanced technology.



Shopify is one of the most ambitious platforms with its development of IOS tech including the mobile AR, which enables uploading and viewing of 3D product. It’s fully customizable to fit any business size with many other attractive features including a point of sale system.



WooCommerce is a WordPress compatible platform enriched with capabilities of WordPress CMS. It is simple to use, has thousands of extensions, and is already WordPress compatible making it cheaper to develop thus ideal for small and medium size businesses with limited budgets.



This is a platform more suitable for large businesses although also the small and medium businesses are supported. It integrates with social media including Facebook and Pinterest, a plus in marketing and has features enabling buyers to purchase goods directly from their social media. BigCommerce offers hundreds of templates for free but you cannot view all the templates until you sign up.



OpenCart is another leading platform due to its features and functionalities. It has a user-friendly interface, can run even on standard or shared hosting, and one can run multiple stores under one single back-end. It is also customizable and its ease to develop extension has created a big community of developers.



ZenCart is one of the most attractive, valid and accepted CMS platform. It is developed in PHP with a MySQL supported database management. Among the attractive features of Zen Cart include its completely customizable, unlimited pages and product categories, several customer modes, discount coupons, gift certificates, supports multiple languages and its ease of installation.



PrestaShop provides out-of-the-box features serving a wide client base across the world. It’s easy to se -up with multi-language and multi-stor functionality and has numerous plugins and attractive themes developed to improve its workability and rectify its shortcomings such as its rugged design. It has attracted many users especially the current generation.

Ecommerce Payment Gateways

Ecommerce Payment Gateways in UAENote: The above mentioned figures are taken from the respective service provider's websites. Minds Metricks will not be responsible in case of discrepancy in pricing plans.

Key Features of E-commerce Websites

Available Logistic Company Options in Dubai

Minds Metricks?

At Minds Metricks, we offer you all under one roof solutions for e-commerce websites and beyond.

Our experts offer a combination of experience and innovativeness. We are ready to take up any new challenge to build or upgrade an existing ecommerce web design, into a responsive, fully functionale-commerce website. We help in developing and integrating all the necessary features for ecommerce and customizing them for efficiency and optimal functioning. We are your one stop ecommerce solution provider for any/all ecommerce website solution you seek. Get a website that is an image of your company and reflects your brand that will help drive your ecommerce business to the next level while maintaining interactive and happy clients. We take what a client requires as a challenge, and we brainstorm and creatively develop a perfect ecommerce website that can easily be automated.

Why Minds Metricks as Your Ecommerce Web Design Agency in Dubai

Projects Done

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