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Pay Per Click (PPC) | Paid Search | PPC Dubai

Minds Metricks is a fast-growing Pay-per-Click (PPC) Agency in Dubai helping businesses reach the relevant customers. We’ll help you run effective Ads netting the relevant traffic that translates into better sales. A high ROI is the key to survival in the competitive market and we are the solution!

What is
Pay per click (PPC)?

Per-Per-Click is an internet marketing strategy that capitalizes on using the keywords to direct traffic to a site. On clicking the ad the users are directed to the intended page. Unlike organic traffic which is more dependent on exact keywords thus reaching less traffic the site owner simply pays per click reaching more users.

The marketing goals determine the correct keyword(s) to adopt and the appropriate platforms to target. A well-developed Ad with the most relevant keywords appears among the first 3 positions of Google search result and is one of the most effective ways of advertising. At Minds Metricks, the preferred PPC agency Dubai, we evaluate the trends and help you create effective ROI driven campaigns.

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How & Why is PPC Advertising for Business in Dubai the Right Choice?

  • More predictable as one is in control unlike organic traffic
  • Its scalable one can adjust his/her budget freely
  • Translates to increased ROI
  • Daily budgeted campaigns
  • Enhances traffic and sales
  • Automatable

Types of Pay per Click (PPC)

1. Search Advertising (Google Ads™ & Bing Ads):

Search Advertising are search result oriented advertising. When a user searches a set of keywords, the Ads are listed using the keywords appears alongside the organic search results. Google Search Engine and Bing networks are most targeted due to their populace.

Google Ads™:

Google Ads™: - formerly known as Google Adwords is the search advertising system on the Google search engine. It uses a bidding system where, if more than one Ad is bidding on given keywords the highest ranking ad wins appearing alongside organic search results. The appearance of an Ad on Google search page depends on the number of bids, maximum pay per click, quality score of the ad and the landing page quality. If well utilized Google Ads™ can an effective tools to reach out to the right customers.

Google PPC Ads

Bing ads

Bing Ads: - PPC advertising on Bing networks that include Bing and Yahoo search engines. Bing being less popular than Google, the pay per click are much cheaper and in addition, due to less competition, the ads get better positioning and are allowed to advertise on all Bing search engines, AOL owned and affiliate sites.

Bing PPC Ads

2. Re-Marketing:

Re-Marketing also known as ‘Re-targeted PPC Advertising,’ is a marketing process that utilizes the users’ browsing habit. Information on users browsing activities is gathered from analyzing the browsers’ cookies. The gathered information is then used to direct the Ads to the user’s browser or email. Re-Marketing & Re-targeting though used synonymously are slightly different. Re-targeting directs ads of sites previously visited to the web pages you visits later while re-marketing sends the ads to the email (such as display ads in yahoo & promotions on Gmail). For example, if a user visits an e-commerce website the cookies relay the information and follow the user as he browses other websites implementing the re-targeting strategy that displays Ads of the earlier visited site.

Facebook Re-marketing

3. Google Display Advertising:

This is one of the most common forms of advertising that uses banners, images, texts, and buttons ads that are linked to the website. The ads are displayed on carefully selected websites with an aim of targeting the right audience. Display advertising is an effective way of creating brand awareness as the cost is relatively cheaper compared to other forms of advertising and thus one can reach a huge number of people among the targeted audience.

Google Display Advertising

4. Google Shopping Advertising:

Also known as Product Listing Ads, is a form of advertising designed for listing products for sale. It is powered by both Google Ads™(Adwords) and Google Merchant Center and is effective for endorsing and concurrently motivating users to buy a product. The products are listed on precise search terms significantly boosting their Ad’s position and saving costs that would otherwise be spent on generic search terms on Adwords. As a result, this advertising has a higher ROAS and ROI.

Google Shopping Advertising

5. Social PPC Marketing:

Social media especially Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are some of the most visited sites with millions of users making them ideal advertising platforms. Each social media is unique in its way of advertising and may be ideal for a given business or not.

Lets take a brief look on why each platform is important for your business

  • facebook ppc ads
    PPC Ads
  • instagram ppc ads
  • linkedin ppc ads

At Minds Metricks - the best PPC management Dubai company, we help you create ads on the 3 main social media platforms and also in all other social media platforms including Twitter and Snapchat among others.

Why Choose Minds Metricks as your Pay Per Click Agency?

At Minds Metricks, you get qualified and highly experienced Ads expert who will ensure your campaigns works and produces the desired results. Hire our experts and we will give your business the push it needs.

Minds Metricks is the leading & most preferred PPC management service provider by the small, medium and corporate businesses/clients and the company has created a name for itself in the digital marketing. We help businesses in different ways including:

  • Determining the Keywords
  • Analysis of Target Market
  • Creating Top Ranking Ad Campaigns
  • Optimizing/Upgrading Existing Ads
  • Effective Coordination of Cost & Time
  • Publishing of the Ad Campaigns
  • Funneling the Traffic into Sales
  • Ads Performance Evaluation
  • Dedicated Ad Campaigns Management
  • Other Post-Campaign Services


Google Ads Certification
Google Analytics Certification

Sample Google Ads™ PPC campaign set up tour :

Take a step by step tour of how do we help clients in setting up Google PPC Ads.




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