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What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click in Dubai, it is a primary way of advertising on the internet in order to drive traffic to your website. Whenever a person searches for a particular keyword relevant to your website, PPC campaign in Dubai places the ads of your website in the search engine’s results page. In other words, PPC is a way of placing adverts on search engines, wherein the  advertiser pays only when the visitor clicks on adverts.

Why do I need PPC

It is very difficult and time consuming for individual or PPC Company in Dubai to get your website on the first page of Search Engine Results Page. With PPC, your website gets the attention that you wish for as the adverts displaying your products or services are placed on the first page. Unlike SEO, the results of PPC are highly measurable, scalable, and quicker. Thus you will be able to generate the necessary traffic and revenue.

Who offers PPC?

PPC in Dubai service is offered by several search engines, but when it comes to the popular option, Google Adwords is the best.  Among the top providers of PPC are:

  • Google Adwords
  • Bing Ads
  • Yahoo Search Ads

What are the components of PPC ad?

PPC ads in Dubai comprise of text, banner, product, or video listing. Following are the basic components of the PPC ad

Headline, Display URL, Destination URL, and description.

There are length restrictions for each component.

How do I find the best keywords to use in ad?

Whenever you create an ad, you will require a set of keywords which will trigger your ad to appear in the search engine’s results page.  Wise selection of keywords is essential for PPC campaign success. Using the Google Keyword Planner tool, you can find the best keywords for your ads.

How can I target the PPC ads?

PPC ads in Dubai can be targeted using three targeting options viz-  device, location, and language.

How long does it take to see the adverts in search engine?

Your ads will be visible as soon as you start the campaigns for the relevant keywords, which you want your web visitors to search for in the search engine.

How much should I spend on PPC campaign?

The amount of funds to be spent on a campaign depends on the marketing strategy, the competitiviness of keyword, and the duration of campaign. Minimum bid on Google begins for as low as $0.01 per click, which you have to pay only when the user clicks on the link.

How do you optimize the campaign?

PPC campaign optimization refers to the process of making incremental changes in the campaign by the PPC Company in Dubai such that you are able to create higher average return for every dollar spent.  Optimization includes, but not limited to: keyword segmentation, ad copy testing, bid management,  geo-targeting, and schedule adjustment.

How is PPC Campaign in Dubai executed?

Execution of PPC in Dubai campaign comprises of the following steps

  • Research and Benchmarking includes keyword research and competition analysis
  • Creation of ad campaigns involves creating ad copies
  • Managing Bid strategy to lower the CPC
  • Campaign optimization
  • Monitoring of traffic
  • Optimization of campaign to maximize ROI
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