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Dubai, UAE

Battmobile is a vehicle mobile service company operating in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other parts of the UAE. The company specializes in testing, diagnostic, sales, delivery, and replacement of batteries, replacement of tires and towing services. It mandated Minds Metricks to design an attractive, unique, minimalistic website definitive of its brand. The simplicity of the site was the bottom line of design with optimal use of graphics.



The Battmobile website primarily communicates through illustrative animations and minimal text content. The animation makes the site highly interactive keeping the visitors engaged with the understanding of the business model as well as fulfill the goal of purchase. The graphics are also lightweight and easy to interpolate even for those who hate reading long texts. The website has short service booking forms with less than five fields to fill, making the booking of services very easy, quick and convenient for the client.

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Navigation on the page is easy and straightforward giving users a good experience. The design and development of the site are user path conscious resulting with exemplary ease of use. Battmobile is a multiple B2C service business, and with the business model in mind, we created 5 sales funnel to drive maximum engagement aka sales. The transition from one tab, section or page to the other is smooth and straight forward for ease of navigation.

Services one can choose

Battmobile offers four distinctive services; battery replacement, tire services, towing services, and battery checkup services. We outlaid the services provided well on the home-page and clients can effortlessly shift between service tabs or chat directly with an attendant to book a service without leaving the home page.

Everything is designed with simplicity in mind and supplement with attractive graphics such that a visitor can schedule any service they require or make an enquiry right on the landing page.

Battmobile Service


The Battmobile mobile targets automotive users mostly those in need of emergency services, and as a result mobile users are the primary source of paid and organic traffic. Understanding the target audience that will majorly from smartphones, we developed a completely different layout, optimized for the mobile devices. The tab allows the users to record their location by “Just a tap” in order for a quick service once the enquiry is received.

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