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Forever Roses London

Dubai, UAE

Forever Rose is a renowned luxury boutique concept with outlets in UAE, UK, Qatar and Saudi Arabia with expansion plans to other parts of Europe, North America, and the Far East. The company offers premium gifting products including chocolates, luxury jewelry, diamonds, fragrances, home décor, and its signature Forever rose from Ecuador’s mineral-rich volcanic soils that last up to 3 years without water or sunlight. The firm collaborated with Minds Metricks to have a website that reflects its brand and stand high in class.


The Story

The client required a website that not only brings out the brand’s story as how it evolved into a luxury gift boutique but also displays their luxurious merchandise with a clear call to the brand’s physical stores. We developed a website that is a true reflection of luxury displaying the various bouquets of Forever Rose among other Roses on sale. The site is configured for clients to either buy ready-made products or have bespoke customizations.

The story

Easy Navigation

The Forever Rose website has a minimal design and clean layout that is consistent through-out from the homepage, shopping store, cart to the check-out page. This consistency coupled with the well thought-out user path with animated arrows to direct users, makes the navigation easy and gives the users a flawless experience.

Easy Order Placing

Placing an order on the My Forever Rose website is smooth and straight-forward and only require minimal steps.The website’s store is designed to facilitate clients to choose specifics of their products such as the package design, color of their choice and sizes with just a single click to slide that offering. Users are given the provision to check the availability of the product in the nearby company outlets.

Product detail page navigation


Forever Rose website being a luxury brand targets the financially privileged in the Middle East and London, with plans to expand to North America and Asia. This diversity in traffic is likely to throw people from different parts of the world to the site using different gadgets such as smartphones, tablets,laptops, voice search enabled gadgets, etc. With this diversity in mind, we proposed a super responsive website for not just different devices but also for browsers.

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