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HADID International

Dubai, UAE

Hadid is an international aviation support and FBO service provider headquartered in Dubai UAE. The firm provides both on-ground and off-ground domestic and international services. It provides services such as Flight Permits, Flight Planning, Charter services, Governmental Flight Support and Ground Support among other services. The firm engaged Minds Metricks to create a website that is a representation of its brand globally encompassing all the services it offers in a user-friendly interface.


The Story

Hadid needed a website with a design and UI capabilities that would highlight its stories, statistics and map-out its global location. We took an eclectic approach combining the use of text, statistics, images, maps and minimal animations to create an entirely new feature that communicates the message as precisely as possible. From the homepage, all the Hadid’s global locations are well mapped out and the homepage interactive plane gives users different information by a simple gesture of the cursor.

Worldwide Locations

Hadid has a global presence, and over 67 major airlines regularly rely on Hadid for seasonal permits. The firm website is designed to capture all this information in a way that a client can get it at first glance through the use of a map and numerical data.

From the map, a user can easily differentiate between headquarters and the supervisory locations as they are written in different colors. By clicking a location on the map, a user gets the provision to contact that particular location making it convenient and easier for the user.


Hadid’s website target audience is aviators globally. They expect traffic to their website from different parts of the world or those on flights, and the traffic is likely to be received from different diverse devices. As a result, we developed the site fluid such that it can easily be accessed from various devices to accommodate all users. The site is also voice search ready.

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