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The Açaí Café

Dubai, UAE

The Açaí Café website, being a cafe website that serves Açaí related meals and drinks had to be appetizing in look with high quality graphics. The white and green color theme adopted not only blends well with the company branding but also enhances user experience as it makes the website attractive and improves the readability of the content and appearance of the images.

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How it works

We developed the Açaí Spot website to give the company a true-unique-online identity, for efficiency in communication and to facilitate online transactions. Clients can search for dishes, pay for the orders and schedule direct delivery to their locations through a third party extension.

How it works

Order Online

Efficiency was a priority for the Açaí Spot website. The site is developed to allow smooth and efficient adoption of a 3rd party extension that enables ordering of the meals and making of payment online. The website navigation allows straight ordering under the “Order Online” option without having to visit other pages.


The Açaí Spot Cafe Website design and development is fully responsive to any devices and browsers. Visitors of Açaí Spot can access the site conveniently using any gadget that can browse the internet including computers, smartphones & tablets among other smart-gadgets.The website is also responsive to accommodate nearly all size of device displays as it is a fluid-responsive website.



It is common for online food menus to be complicated requiring clients to browse through several pages/sections to find what one wants. For Açaí Spot Cafe, things are a bit different; the cover page highlights what’s important in a quick glimpse, and the full menu option is available on clicking the “View Full Menu.” The full menu outlays all the dishes and drinks, the serving sizes and customization options offered by the client.


Franchising in many websites is complicated; people get lost and give up midway the process.In other sites,information on franchising is missing in entirety.

As a result, we decided to keep the section a bit more organized and structured for Açaí Spot by dividing the collective information and making the navigation super easy with a drop-down list to any respective section.

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