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Why do I need SEO services?

We offer SEO services in Dubai help your website to rank better in the search engine results page without the need of paid promotion or ads. Better rankings in an organic way help to increase the traffic to your website, thereby creating better exposure, good branding, and greater revenue streams through SEO in Dubai. 

Does my website need backlink?

Backlinks are similar to referral; they create a positive vote for your website in front of the search engines, thereby helping to improve the website ranking. Search engines have been known to associate backlinks with your website’s ability to satisfy the queries entered by the person browsing the web. So backlinking is essential for Search Engine Optimization in Dubai. 

Will Backlinks alone will improve my ranking?

No, Backlinks are one of the essential factors that help in improving the ranking of the website. We as an SEO Agency in Dubai believe that there is no golden number for the backlinks as they need to acquired from reputable sites in order to boost the website ranking.

How is SEO done for my website?

SEO in Dubai comprises two parts – onpage and offpage optimization. In On-page optimization, the website is optimized in terms of design, data, coding parameters, and content as per the SEO guidelines in Dubai to make it search friendly. Off-page SEO optimization in Dubai on the other hand involves promotion of the website using various organic, referral-based, or backlinking techniques.

Why are page titles and Meta tag optimization important?

Page title and Meta are the elements that appear in search results for the website’s page.  The title gives an overview or basic idea of what the page contains, whereas the Meta talks about the content of the page in short. Search Engines follow this data to rank the website, and display the same in search results. So an enticing title and meta will surely bring  more traffic to your website.

What if I don’t do SEO for my website?

The online space has become a competitive arena wherein every new business or website wants to be noticed and reach on the top. In such scenario, if you are not investing in doing SEO for your website, then you will not get noticed on the internet easily. Having said this, SEO services are essential to see your website in the first 10 results in the search engine’s results page.  You may do SEO optimization yourself, or hire professionals like us who would help you for a small fee.

How long does it normally take to show results?

Achieving the top ranks in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing, for a particular keyword, depends on various factors affectiing SEO in Dubaithese include:

  • The number of keywords targeted
  • Competition for each keyword
  • Relevant content with respect to keywords
  • Age of your website
  • Keyword optimization and content optimization in website pages.

Having said this, no one can guarantee the amount of time required to rank for any particular keyword. Highly competitive keywords require time. Similary off-page activities also play a crucial role in promoting the website and  improving the rankings.

How does SEO Optimization work?

We begin with complete analysis ofyour website. After the analysis we provide expert advice for the changes to be made, and activities to be carried. Based on the implementation of the same, we will provide an approximate timeline, after which you will start seeing results.  

Site rankings and traffic will increase as SEO optimization is a slow process.

Also, changes in the search engine algorithm from time to time impacts the ranking, so we will optimize the strategy accordingly to help your website rank better within least possible time.

How much do I need to pay for SEO services?

SEO Services in Dubai will purely depend on the type of services you wish to avail after the initial analysis of the website is completed. Cost of the service varies as per the

  • Nature of products or services your website offers
  • Keyword competition
  • Technical whereabouts of your website
  • Required level of optimization and offpage activity.

Having said this, we price the SEO services based on the package of work needs to be done.

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