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What is Social Media?

Social Media are platforms developed for social interactions that have gained popularity and currently have millions of users and the number is still growing. The huge number of users translates into a huge audience and as a result, social media platforms are being exploited for various uses among them sales and marketing. As a marketing platform, Social Media has proven to be useful in reaching and capturing huge audiences, essential in introducing and promoting a brand, a product or service. Numerous agencies in Dubai have mushroomed up to provide social media marketing services and beyond.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Social media has proven resourceful and businesses are reaching huge audiences more efficiently and over a short time when creating brands awareness or marketing/promoting a brand, product or a service. Even on the free package when businesses only require to create a social media account or page that’s totally free, a good number of audience is still reached. In places like UAE where 96% of the population are active on social media, Social Media Marketing can be an ideal marketing platform.

Social media offers more than just marketing, when a business is active on social media it can answer questions asked by the audience, attend to complaints and get reviews from its products/service consumers, essential in service improvement. Clients/Customers are also easily updated in masses on new products/services on social media than other marketing platforms. Social media marketing also not only matters on social media but it also boosts your website's SEO.

Social media marketing offers multiple ways through which a business can promote its products such as news-feed posts, listing/direct sales posts, paid ads, through reviews, social media influencer marketing and posts sharing in other groups.

Social Media Agency Dubai

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Social Media Services We Offer

Social media is a marketing platform being exploited by many companies. At Minds Metricks, a leader among the social media marketing agencies in Dubai, we offer a variety of social media marketing services that include:-


Social Media Statistic for UAE

Statistics indicate that the UAE population is among the dominant users of social media with an impressive 99.26% of the population, approximately 9.38 million of the total 9.45 million people, being dairy users. Of this, 8.7 million users are active on the mobile platform. The annual growth of mobile social media users has been an impressive 6%.

Why Minds Metricks as your social media agency

Minds Metricks?

Since our inception, Minds Metricks has made a name for itself as a leading socialagency in Dubai. We manage social media marketing for over 40 brands in digital space and the number continues to grow. We pride ourselves as having one of the most skilled, experienced and innovative expertise in social media marketing well knowledgeable in consumer behaviors and ‘whens’, ‘whats’ and ‘hows’ of social media marketing and management. We will help you develop meaningful social media campaigns that will grow your organic traffic and position your brand higher on the global map and promote/endorse your brand leading to higher conversions and growth.


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