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Does my business need social media?

It purely depends whether the audience for your business or website is active on social media.  Social media is a place where your audience will ask questions, complain, leave reviews,  and feedback. All this activity is open to public, and plays a vital role in converting potential customers or attracting potential employees, or business partners.  Companies offering social media creates trust and loyalty  through word-of-mouth marketing done by people who are active on the social media platforms. Hence social media in Dubai plays a vital role in making or breaking a brand.

Do I need to be present on all social media networks?

No, not necessary, even though you may be tempted to increase your visibility on several social networks. Each social network, be it Facebook or Pinterest, caters to particular type of audience. You need to analyse your audience, their content sharing habits, and interests, before you decide to launch yourself on different social networks.  Experts from Minds Metricks say that your brand needs to bring value to the network  such that it catches the attention of your audience in order to enhance your social presence.

How to measure ROI in social media?

As social media platforms are diverse, it is difficult to assess the ROI in social media. Having said this, you can start with measurable goals such as online purchases, link clicks, newsletter signups, and subscription.  On a broader scale, you may assess the reach, traffic, leads generated, and engagement to determine the ROI on social media.

Do I need professional Social Media services?

Social Media management is a lot more than posting a single post on your favourite social network. It involves managing a publishing calendar, scheduling posts, curating content, monitoring brand mentions, keywords, engaging with customers, analysing and defining the strategy, and optimizing social media posts. As you can see it’s a multi-skilled field, hiring an in-house professional a local social media company in dubai is recommended.

What should I post on Social Media?

You should post content that is relevant to your business and interesting to your potential customers.  For this, you need to understand your audience, identify the potential influencers, and come up with creative ideas to keep the audience engaged. All of this can be done by the social media marketing team appointed from the agency.

How often should I post?

Posting frequency varies from network to network; here is how frequently you should post:

  • Facebook – 3 times a day
  • Twitter – 10 -15 tweets
  • LinkedIn – 1 post per day, 20 a month
  • Pinterest – 5 times a day
  • Instagram – 2 times a day
  • Blog – 2 times a week.

What time should I post?

The timing of posting depends on your audience. It is essential to study when your audience is active to post at the right time.

How do I get more engagement?

This varies from network to network. You may increase likes and followers by giving a reason to follow. Having said this, its not the number of likes and followers that matter, but the relevance that matters. You need people to engage with your content, rather than just increasing the follower count.

Do I need to invest in Social Media Advertising?

As people take on social media networks, it is advisable to market your products on popular networks such as Facebook. Advertising not only increases the reach of your posts, but also helps in building engagment, thereby leading to enhanced conversion.

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