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Some possible queries on Website Design & Development

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Will my website be search friendly?

Be it a blog, corporate website, or brochure website our designs are compliant with SEO guidelines. However, considering the dynamic nature of the search engines, it is recommended that you update your website from time to time. In order to get maximum visibility on search engines.

Do I need a face-to-face meeting with the designers, project manager?

In most simple websites, we do not require face-to-face meeting with the clients as the account manager would be able to understand your requirements via email or phone calls. Depending on your requirement and the brief, the account manager will propose a solution and accordingly take the project ahead.

If its a customize design & development, our account manager would brainstorm with you to draft down all your requirements in detail.

How will I update my website?

The method of updation may vary depending upon the platform or the coding language used to develop the site. You may update your website by yourself or take our AMC at a fixed monthly, quarterly or half yearly pricing structure.  Annual maintenance work is calculated depending upon the addition of data, pages, creatives, and content all in all the no. of hours required to support your website's vision.

Are there any hidden cost associated with Website Design?

In the start of the project, we prepare a document that lists down everything that would be required to develop and deliver the website you want. In the documentation we maintain utmost transparency when it comes to disclosure of charges for anything extra that may come along the process. Often when the project needs are dynamic, we try our best to give you the optimum quote. However, as website designing is an evolutionary process, the cost of project is subjected to variation with the additions that take place in the course. All additional charges are presented and mutually agreed upon before proceeding.

Do you offer responsive and mobile-friendly website?

Yes! Any website that we design or develop  in our office is built using platforms like bootstrap, which is an open source tool kit for developing mobile and device friendly websites i.e. the website would automatically get adjusted to the screen its viewed on be it desktop, iPad or a mobile phone.


What is the Average Cost for a website?

Average cost of a website is difficult to quote as each website is unique,  brings  specific design and platform(wordpress, Opencart, Magento  and many more) and caters to the needs of particular individual or business. Having said that, you may contact us to consult whether you should choose a template-based design or a fully customized web design solution.

Which Technology will be used to create my website?

We offer web development(Front end)  expertise in HTML, CSS, and JS. On the dynamic front, we are well-versed with PHP as core language with wordpress, code igniter, open cart, larval or other PHP open source frameworks to offer. 

How Many Changes Can I Make To My Site Without Additional Cost?

Since the entire project is well documented in the format of modules. Every modules has its own detailed information which is been drafted by us and approved by the client. We try and follow the documentation that is agreed between both the parties, so chances of changes in the websites are very rare to come across. But on an unexpected site of events, we may offer 3-4 rounds of changes to address your opinions and feedbacks. 

How does the Payment process work?

Our payment plans are very flexible and comfortable and comes with a variety of options, what plan will be offered to you will actually depend upon the final website pricing. When the theme and design are finalized, the project begins with 50%  or 40% down-payment. Once the first version of the website is approved, we request for 2nd installment of the remaining payment, and the final balance payment  to be made after the full website is tested, validated, and live.

How can I track the progress of Website Design?

Since the projects are usually divided in the form of modules, every client know about what section or part to be developed in each week. More importantly, our account managers would keep our posted on day to day or week to week progress. 

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